An old favorite, one that inspired pistols like the Jericho 941

An old favorite handgun from 1975, it is one of the more well known pistols to gun collectors and those with military experience alike.  This kind of popularity and recommendation is how it got into Hyun-Ae's hands.  Even more well known is the CZ-75 auto, which is what this is in particular.  The second magazine under the slide and reciever is to supply the gun because of how fast it fires.  It also has a longer, vented barrel.   These two are the most noticable modifications to the automatic CZ-75 compared to the stock CZ-75.

Weapon Modifications

  • Besides the basic automatic modification conversion kit, this CZ-75 is mostly a stock CZ-75.  Despite this, the slide has been anodized to a fuschia color and the magazines are tinted a light blue
  • The "YLYG" is an abbreviation for "Yulyeong", Korean for "Ghost"