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All the info on my personal lore of Void of All Unhappiness!

This is a world of characters I had made up to originally use as simply something to illustrate. The idea greatly intrigued me, and I made my video game characters look like them, I've made a cosplay of two of them, and I design their prefered firearms off of the original weapons. I thought it'd be fun to share them around, and because I thought up of them, consider these next points:

  • They're all going to be a bit unreal and towards the "almost invincible" aspect, so if that bothers you, you don't have to read their background if you don't want
  • I take full ownership of the person itself (excepting the Non-imaginative Characters), but their outfit, weapons, personality, and/or looks in general (that means my artwork, digital or hand-drawn) may be inspired by a game, movie, or any other outside influence
  • This was meant for fun and a reprieve from the cruel, dark terrors of 'Merica. It's all creativity n sh*t around here, so I'll crack jokes or make video game REFERENCES OR THE LIKE OOPS I'M NOT WHISPERING ANYMORE, MY BAD!
  • This site is recommended (highly) to be viewed on a web browser, just for a nice look. The reason why I do not optimize the mobile version is because the code on this site is unknown to me, and I know HTML/CSS enough to know it's weird but still similar to HTML
  • Still need a quick explanation? What is VOAU?  Look here!
  • Want to see some pictures I did for fun?  Go here!
  • The videos are now relevant! They are the Significant Character's songs, if you were curious
  • After long thought, a good theme for VOAU would be The Heavy's Short Change Hero (as if the Borderlands 2 influence isn't strong enough!)

That being said, enjoy this if you like, or stuff. My most common look on my pictures I make for my profile is usually Wolf from PAYDAY 2 with my goofy hair and with a Bofors AK5- my prefered AR in PAYDAY 2. I know most of these characters are VERY violent and macabre in levels that could be unpalatable, if you are sensitive of these potential topics (murder, suicide, massive death in general, rape, etc.) then steer clear, you have been warned! It's not that bad, but it's still a thing.  If you're not sensitive, then read on if you please. If you want to read more on this, please do so here.

I hope you have AdBlock, oboi.

My name is an anagram of my actual name, along with a word I'd say I find my favorite word

If you liked the site, the artwork I did, and/or any other positive reason, go ahead and tell ya folks!  I don't use a lot of social media, but go ahead and use it yourself!

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*For the last year or less, you may have noticed some pages unfinished or not yet created. School and work, that's all.