An obscure rifle, yet still very reliable, that was made off of the TAR-21, Aaron's rifle

An original Croatian rifle within relative to absolute obscurity, the VHS-K2 was a Balkan rendition of the Israeli TAR-21 and French Famas F1 into one rifle.  Although still mostly unknown, the rifle does supply to one of the toughest, yet smallest comparatively, militarized police and military groups known to people like Simon.  As a gift to a new resident, colleague and criminal robber, he gave his personal VHS-K2 to Hyun-Ae.  After doing such, he purchased another and applied all the previous modifications that are now on "VHS-AE:K2".

Weapon Modifications

  • Many basic modifications on the rifle were reapplied on the new model to make up for the gift of VHS-AE:K2.  Such modifications include, but are not limited to: holographic sight, led flashlight/laser combo, erganomic grip and a compensator
  • A longer barrel for a longer and more accurate shot are added onto the rifle
  • The fire rate of the rifle is, although similar to stock, undefined.  The rifle will, at random intervals, fire two or three rounds in a burst similar to a burst of an AN-94.  Wether this is a personal touch by Simon or if it's a malfunction within the rifle in unknown
  • The magazine is a translucent pink instead of solid opaque black
  • The rifle was bought a year prior to giving it as a gift, so of course extra battle damage is present