Undergone so many reskins, this being the final skin

Going through many different looks, these Five-SeveNs are the signature firearm for Aaron.  Even more so than any of the rifles he's used.  After throwing in two handguns to be upgraded instead of one, Aaron found that the names changed.  Rather than just "Ultra", both came out as "Ultra and Violet".  Although amusing, his partner at the time suggested he use the Five-SeveN as his sidearm instead of an M1911.  He had grown to like the handgun and used it from that point on, but chose to use two instead of just one.

Weapon Modifications

  • Most notably, the two handguns have been given five different skins in its use.  Going by the names given by the user himself, the skins (from first applied to last one applied) are Blackout, Cyborg, Pack A Punch, Kami, and Citrus (Current).  Not only is the reciever and slide given a skin, but a thin layered skin is given to the magazine too
  • The barrel has been modified slightly longer than stock to increase range and the inside has been engraved slightly different to (barely) increase accuracy
  • To regocnize which handgun is left and right, a flashlight is put on the left handgun and a laser sight on the right
  • The tritium sights on both handguns are turquoise instead of green