I'd check the computer, but it checks itself just for the three of us

If only I could have a decent conversation, but it seems to always talk about hatred of humans

The boxs not only ticks itself, but it ticks us all off because there has to be a countdown

That's not a key I'm excited to use, no one but me gets to tell what it was like and still be alive

Either I was given the wrong hotline, or the end of the world really want to chat it up

I'd love to stop and order a drink, but I wonder how disappointing the most perfect drink is

Not the kind I'd use to listen to music, more like the surveilling kind of pod

I named my late girlfriend after her, sometimes I wish I could have such a free world like she does

If I had a nickel everytime I mentioned a pun with his name with his abilities, I wouldn't get a shiny bladed weapon anymore

This thing is as good as useless, though I am similar of being dead if I blink according to everyone

Everyone deserves this kind of panacea, but there's only so many to take and reasearch for such a cause

I love wearing my fair share of masks, but this one really isn't one I'm fond of anyone wearing

Like that show that people watch about the virus' apocalypse, but it's real and it is walking

Like a superpower, except it's not something you can control and it's a sickness

Like an angry bear, he told me, but I never thought such a virus would be like that

People think "Clockwork" is the scariest bitch with a clock, but I think the scariest clocks are the ones that used to be people's organs because of such a virus

It asked me a name of "Eric", but I told it "No, not Eric" and it rolled away awkwardly

If it can line a gun or armor, then you're all set for being SCP-proof

Too bad only I know what it is, but it's more fun to just keep it at "only I should know"

This girl is the most sexually awkward teenager ever, being that I can just watch all the other men come running without a problem myself

What does happen when it comes in contact with a dead body?

If I knew he'd come to chat, I'd fall asleep more

She's rather kind and very cooperative, which is why it is fun to give her my pictures over lunch