The old 2025 TAR-21 Aaron kept for nostalgic reasons

Between two two rifles Aaron decides to choose from, this would have been his first choice.  Contrary that he prefers not to use bullpup weaponry, he has this as an exception to that preference because it is the last reminder of his disappeared spouce.  As he finds it surprisingly comfortable, although the action of the rifle is at his shoulder, he has decorated it and modified it as a parent would nurture a child.

Weapon Modifications

  • A custom police-like skin adjusted to be similar to his style of casual clothing
  • A suppressor, or silencer.  Aaron has this not only for stealth gunfire, but for the same reason Aki silences all of her weaponry: gunfire is very loud
  • A magpul for ease of access of magazines from a box
  • Ergonomic foregrip and grip to make handling the weapon more comfortable
  • "Red Dot" sight for ease of aiming and for full aiming visibility, unlike ACOG or a SG 553 sight
  • An average-sized magazine size of 30 5.56x.45 NATO rounds
  • A taped picture of his "late" girlfriend on the stock