Skullcrusher M95

22 pounds (9.98 kg) to lope around with, makes you think how strong she really is

An even newer addition to her arsenal, Aki had been offered almost a million dollars for this terrifying rifle, and took it nonchalantly.  The results were extremely positive.  Much controversy whether it is a M90 or M95, the bolt design, barrel, and the name make it easy to tell as a M95.  Its brand new, short time of use on the opposing force has been proven painfully satisfactory with its high caliber and very long effective range before significant bullet drop.  Why it is painful is because this rifle is used while standing up, it is nearly 23 pounds, and it fires the largest rifle round avaliable.  How Aki's shoulder isn't broken and how she can even carry the rifle is surprising.  This sniper rifle was actually first designed to be an anti-personnel sniper rifle.  This means that it was meant for armored vehicles, ground, air, and sea.

Weapon Modifications

  • The inside of the barrel has been grooved slightly deeper at a constant swirl to manage the bullet's spin, giving it a longer effective range
  • A spotter CPU has been added atop the scope to calculate wind speed, drop, and distance from the end of the barrel
  • The stock end of the rifle has a softer cushion to make the pain of firing this rifle standing up less painful, duh
  • The grip of the rifle is a rubber, ergonomic grip to make stability of the rifle at least somewhat easier
  • The weapon has been given a anodized purple finish to some sections, appropriately named "Purple Haze", to remind the owner how much she loves the color fuschia