Though expensive, its name comes from what it does

As new addition to her arsenal, Aki had been offered a bargain for a rifle of this caliber and gladly accepted it.  The results were very positive.  Though it is now hard to tell between a M98B or a simple M98, the stock and magazine style can help in recognizing it as the M98B.  Its brief time of use on the opposing force has been proven very satisfactory with its high caliber and very long effective range before significant bullet drop.  This sniper rifle was actually first designed to be an anti-personnel sniper rifle.  This means that it was meant for armored vehicles and the like.

Weapon Modifications

  • The inside of the barrel has been grooved slightly deeper at a constant swirl to manage the bullet's spin, giving it a longer effective range
  • A spotter CPU has been added atop the scope to calculate wind speed, drop, and distance from the end of the barrel
  • The slightly-solid stock has been replaced with a slightly-skeletal stock to make carrying the rifle a bit easier while still making it sturdy and stable while firing
  • The handle of the bolt itself was made more into a hook than it originally is to make grabbing it easier and quicker
  • The weapon has been given a light grey, platinum finish to remind the user how snobbishly rich they are