A classic Czech SMG, it is indeed safe for work

Though commonly found by the traditional, dating back to the struggles of the Cold War, this Skorpion is a modern stance at the classic 60's models. The newest on the line of the 18c's, the Skorpion Vz87 was the more typical choice for Nate's uncanny arsenal. Supposedly to combat and outperform Aki's sniper-like accuracy using the Micro UZI, this SMG somehow did excel at accuracy and with a dual-magazine reload system. However, the classic Israeli machine pistol still would outperform in terms of recoil management, magazine capacity on user, fire rate, bullet spread accuracy, and the fat rolled silencer.

Weapon Modifications

  • As seen above, the magazines are bound two by two using a metal clasp, making every other reload much faster
  • The original bolt of the Vz87 was much like the previous models, similar to picking a dime up off the ground as it lay flat. As a typical problem solver, all he needed to do was pull the bolt with a rod instead of a flat "coin"
  • The muzzle of the weapon is much like a breaker muzzle on a shotgun, but instead zoned in for accuracy. It may work for improvement, but it itself needs improvement