Royal and Gold

Very high rate of fire with a compact design, perfect to conceal

Used by the Yakuza in general, Aki took a great liking to this SMG.  It is your average bullet hose.  It is also a very good way to use up thousands of ammunition in a very short time.

Weapon Modifications

  • The stock is avaliable, but folded.  This makes the gun a little easier to conceal, but makes recoil harder to control
  • Grip tape is put on every magazine and the silencer.  This makes either easier to handle with gloves
  • The magazine's original size when bought is sometimes very small, this was the case for this weapon and was extended from 20 to 32 rounds; for this SMG, it's only 1 second longer from holding the trigger because the fire rate is so fast
  • Aki buys over 1000 rounds a day in 9x19 caliber (9mm)