"Upset, sure.  Angry, no." - Ren's motto ever since she was 20

The infamous sharpshooter of anyone's knowledge, The Anger dares not reveal anything useful or detrimental to anyone, including her gender.  The most anyone knows about her is her impeccable marksmanship and iconoclastic outfit, which includes a bleeding, woven smile bandana mask.

Basic Information

Born to an admiring housewife and dangerous mercenary, Ren Kimura was the focus of conversations from day 1 moving to Yokohama, Japan.  A cute child by other's opinion, she always had classmates wanting to talk to her despite Ren's social awkwardness.  After countless failed attempts by her peers to gain her friendship, rumors bustled around that she must have issues at home.  After confronting her father, "Uso" (Lie, Liar) as everyone called him, he gave Ren advice that she had to act as the better person and ignore the rumors.  The rumors got bad enough that Ren would be assaulted, and she had no one to defend her.  Though she got into fights (that she would always brutally win) a lot, Ren made it through her tormenting peers and high school just barely.  She was on the verge of a complete outrage by simply having to deal with other people.  Her mother didn't approve of her following her father's footsteps as a gun for hire and everyone she knew was snobby in some way and always rejected her to look cool.  After being stalked on the way home one night, Ren was attacked by someone with the intention of sexual assault.  Before any actual criminal intent, Ren was able to pin the attacker to the wall and beat him to near death.  After arriving home quite upset, she learned her father was killed in a car crash earlier that day.  After her inevitable outrage, she faked a murder-suicide by hanging her mother and misleading authorities by leaving a note that she was going to jump off a bridge.  Using the diversion, she bleached her hair and took her father's weaponry which consists of his famous sniper rifle, two .45 caliber handguns, and her family katana.  Leaving Japan for the newly-populated environmental disaster sanctuary project the USA used to thwart flood-damaged coasts, she lived to become the face of a revolution with the alias: The Anger.  In this time, she had perfected on her now impeccable shooting, increased her ability of keen awareness with and without her sword, and even gained advanced access to hacking; this skill can be successfully used on any security software, enemy hardware, and many other technological obstacles which she can infiltrate. The revolution led to the distrust in ARK Security and had people take matters into their own hands.  Traveling across the world for her amusement, Ren made relative connections to Nate, Scully, AkiJacobKari, Ashton, an unknown person refereed to as "警察" (Police), and the ghost who haunts her. Ren also had three separate intimate connections with three different persons from that list.


Rather slender in nature as opposed to her old friend Aki, Ren still boasts a physique Aki finds attractive to her level. Despite Ren's disregard of this, she simply attunes herself to her greatest abilities such as mobility, dexterity, and aerobic endurance. Ren's original hair color is a dark brown and she bleaches it often enough to only see her original color in her roots. She has dark brown eyes and a burnt scar on her left hand with the Japanese symbol for "God". In recent turn of events her right arm, her predominant shooting arm, and both legs are cybernetic and provide enhanced physical abilities listed below. Ren's old attire consisted of a ripped up hoodie, homemade bandana, and ripped jeans. Her attire is mainly focused on maintaining mobile stealth while remaining comfortable, but recently has moved to a mix of this and tactically focused.


  • Mark of the Gods- Supernatural powers gained from enlightenment that include Blink (Short range teleportation), Windblast (Concussive knockback), Possession (Control another being), Bend Time (Slow time, but not stop it), Dark Vision (See electronics and beings through surfaces, also effective night vision), and the dampening of time upon detection
  • Plasmids- DNA-infused abilities directly tied to her genetic structure that include Chemical Burn (Firing acid, specifically muriatic acid), Flashbang (blinding enemies), Incinerate! (Firing plasma flames), Winter Blast (Firing ice, super-cooling targets), Peeping Tom (Invisibility), Telekinesis (Mentally lifting objects and beings), Time Spiral (Rewind time), and Return to Sender (Absorb projectiles and attacks to fire back in the form of an orb)
  • Kendo- The way of the sword
  • Shinobido- The art of stealth (advanced level)
  • Long range sniper rifle marksmanship (master level)
  • Street racer/driver (intermediate level)
  • Electric guitar (Flying V) enthusiast (advanced level)
  • Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra (intermediate level)
  • 20th Century combat experience
  • Hacking, security bypass, and signal intervention specialist (advanced level)
  • Lockpicking and safe cracking (intermediate level)
  • Mostly fluent multilingual (Japanese, Russian, and English)


  • Exemplary handling of a katana
  • Guitar performance
  • Long range bolt-action sniper/semi-automatic AM rifle marksmanship
  • Hacking
  • Understanding the abilities given with Mark of the Gods and Plasmids
  • Impossibly impressive acts of undetected, lethal and non-lethal stealth
  • Acrobatic performance


Due to some unforeseen circumstances while attempting to maintain the balance of time, Ren found herself in a situation with all of her limbs removed from them simply being torn off with the exception of her left arm. In the moment she had made a life-conscious effort to maintain the integrity of that arm so she may still use her abilities of Plasmids and her gift from the Gods. Besides this, all of her other limbs were replaced with robotic prosthetic replacements that she controls with similar nervous function to what had been there before. The exception being that these limbs are more powerful and were designed with lethal force in mind. Such possibilities with these functions are:

  • No weapon sway- absolute stability
  • Unarmed toughness- hits harder and blocks more resiliently, including punching through walls, tearing apart metal, and even kicking something of heavy weight to extreme distances
  • Enhanced joints and movement servos- After time acclimating to the weight of the new legs (replaced from the knee down), faster running speeds may be achieved in ordinance to basic human aerobic endurance levels. This upgrade is also dead silent, meaning one can finally be completely quiet in conditions where need be
  • Enhanced right-armed dexterity- can even outperform Kari and Katya, if Ren could first figure out how to do their tricks
  • Enhanced on-foot movement coordination- In partnership with being dead silent, this helps with the maintenance of such a skill meaning that it would be impossible to make a mistake in movement from something as simple as tripping to something like agility and acrobatics


  • Veteran of 第一次世界大戦, World War I (Arabian Front, Eastern Front, Western Front)
  • Past resident and revolutionary leader of the ARK
  • Participated in The Realm of 935
  • Past involvement in Hotline-styled work
  • Frequent of teleportation technology
  • Currently unwanted fugitive: no current crimes at all linked to The Anger or Ren Kimura thus The Anger considered an urban legend
  • Survivalist against ZED outbreak and Android invasion prevention
  • I'm not a crazed gunman, I'm an assassin. The difference is that one is a job and the other is a mental illness. Aki is a crazed gunman


  • Ren claims she has no interest in people, yet has been in two separate relationships (both ended) which even proves her to be bisexual and have past intimate relations
  • Though she is told to keep her composure and to have strong bonds to her culture, Ren has an issue with revenge, and always holds a grudge on those who have done her wrong and act "out of character"
  • Out of every shot she has taken, it is said that the only shot Ren took as "The Anger" that was not a confirmed kill was the shot taken to warn Kari, which Ren claims was her "only miss"
  • Ren practically hates everyone with a passion, substance abusers, bad drivers, ethnic groups, and even those trying to do good for society, like humanitarians and human rights activists.  Doing so makes her presence very intimidating, and almost (if not) the harbinger of imminent death
  • The idea of the name "Void Of All Unhappiness" came from The Anger, contrary that she is void of all happiness, making the title oxymoronic on purpose
  • Ren loves to play her guitar, which she also does to Scully's music.  Her guitar is what is referred to as a "Flying-V"
  • Upon travelling to US War era Vietnam, Ren fights with the North as opposed to every other peer involved
  • After being offered a Hazmat Operative opportunity by means of invitation and being a shifting replacement, Ren is known to be able to take down a UH-60 Black Hawk with a Sawed-Off Baikal IZH-58 shotgun
  • She doesn't claim to possess any tactical nature and relies on her sense of perception and instinct. However, Ren does see faith in tactical procedure in stealth craft and learns all of what she claims to know of such from Kari
  • I did a little work against that bastard, not a lot of people remember what technological knowledge I have


  • "There's nothing more silent than the illusion of no one present. To master the illusion is an art rivaling perfect calligraphy."
  • "There's a similarity between a sniper and a painter. The finest details in a landscape; the smallest difference in color on your canvas could make all the difference. The only difference are the stakes: mine are higher."
  • "Training builds tolerance. Meditation requires no distractions. If I can clear my mind as the cold rain and winds pelt my open skin without lamentation and do so successfully, then I have just built a resistance to cold weather."
  • "The most meaningful memento, as nostalgia, is also the most difficult to understand. When was the last time an object had more nostalgia than an event in your life? Events hold meaning, and the only one to truly understand that meaning is yourself. Everyone else will think you're strange." - to Lt. Ashton Mason
  • "I think I have been bestowed the power of the Gods. Now I'll have to refuse people trivial favors because I'll be too powerful. The only mission I'll send myself on is to bring people a life of harmony and peace." - to SSG. Tyler Johnson
  • "I have plans with the patio and with the rain.  The looking glass world of the past beckons me to wander."
  • "Often recently I reflect on what strengthens my resolve, despite all conflict I've been in and have caused. Kari, dead or not, is an inspiration. Not by her name, but the recent trail of heroism she has been leaving. Knowing that the two of us can work together is one of many causes of strengthening my resolve."

[Personal Song]

Personal Song-1456553084

Personal Song-1456553084

Babushka (DJ Blyatman)

Babushka (DJ Blyatman)