The incident of imminence

386 [AY] and [J]

[AY]: Really, he just had that eggshell-like head.  Someone had to crack it.

[P Guard]: Shut up.  Now get in your cell, freak.

[AY]: You guys must be bored just watching prisoners have all the fun.

[AY] walkes casually into her cell as a guard tries to push her in

[AY]: Now I'm bored.

about 5 minutes pass, gunshots can be heard

[AY]: What the hell?

Cell doors open, [J] appears in the cell doorway

[AY]: But you said-

[J]: That shit decided to send the clowns after another traitor.  I personally think he's full of shit and framed you.

[AY]: I was framed, dumbass.

[J]: I got your clothes and weapon from some evidence hold.

[AY]: You clearly don't know what a prison is like.

[J]: Just change out of that fucking jumpsuit.

[J] turns to look away from the cell interior and takes up all the doorway space
about 2 minutes pass, [AY] finishes

[AY]: Okay, let's go-

Prison alarm sounds, a riot begins

[J]: You took too long.

[AY]: You drive here in your big-ass truck?

[J]: Stop stalling, we're leaving.

about 15 minutes pass going through riot

[AY]: Wow, how did you manage that?

[J]: Questions later, just be glad it's an armored truck.

[AY]: Whatever, sure.  That helps.

drives away unnoticed, on route to airport

[J]: You're flying out of here, so the cops won't get you.

[AY]: Good riddance.  You really don't expect me to simply fly out of Miami uncaught, right?

[J]: Yes, because you're flying.

[AY]: What?

[J]: I know you know how to fly.  There's a reserved AH6 ready for you to use.  From there, Some friends you know will be waiting at two checkpoints in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona for refuel and resupply.

[AY]: What about you, won't the police be after you?

[J]: They never saw me, security cams cut and every guard who did was shot...a lot.  Same with prisoners.

[AY]: You had this planned out, huh.

[J]: Besides getting that creepy doctor and that dude who knows Aaron to get to the checkpoints, it was all easy.

[AY]: How will they know it's me?

[J]: There's a GPS on the heli that only they have a tracker for.

[AY]: And you made sure of that, of all of this?

[J]: Whatever I didn't get will be taken care of immedietally.

[AY]: So I'll make it back to the west coast for sure?

[J]: If you're quick, here's the bird.  Go!

[AY]: Are you sure you'll get through this alive?

[J]: I'm going on my own trip.  For my safety, no one knows where I'm going.  And I plan to keep it that way.

AH6 blades start up

[AY]: About your rule, "If you're caught, I can't promise anything"...

[J]: Being framed sucks shit, now go!

[J] drives off and [AY] takes off