Rec 9 the v2

Although very silly looking, the drum plays good use

Controversial by nature, the Swedish-designed and American-made Tec-9 is some piece of work for anyone.  Of all people, Nate chose this as his sidearm despite its apparent bad quality and constant jamming.  Automatic by nature and semi-automatic when used by smarter individuals, this submachine gun is actually far more useful than stock with the different modifications given to it by standard installments and Nate personally installing modifications on and in this smg.

Weapon Modifications

  • An threaded barrel has been added to the weapon to increase its velocity output to an heightened level.  Doing so allows the 9mm rounds to penetrate wooden objects, as an example
  • The stock Tec-9 was originally 20 rounds, but this current model has a 32-round drum magazine size
  • The bolt has been changed to a more ergonomic shape to make itself easier to pull
  • The fire rate of the smg has increased noticably to make hitting a target while driving easier, just spray your target with bullets