Though hard to tell, this sketch is very intricate

A very fine revolver indeed from the United States, Kari actually purchased this while in California.  She did originally have a Sig Sauer P226 as her sidearm while with Nate in Europe.  This revolver, though, has proven itself well against body armor and even through helicopters and armored vehicles.  A slow-firing but high-output .357 revolver manufactured by Colt, the original makers of the M1911 and Python.  This revolver is a modern rendition of the Python called the King Cobra, which also tie in with the Anaconda and Whitetailer.

Weapon Modifications

  • Most visually appealing, the wepaon has been plated with titanium which has been anodized to give a navy blue hint to it which slowly fades to black.  This process was very expensive, but Nate was able to afford such a beautiful gift
  • The stock grip is an ergonomic rubber, but what holds it together was changed from the Colt logo to a zinc-plated version which instead has the initials "KF" on it
  • The revolver is double-action, but can be reloaded dry like a single-action if Kari ever forgets the mechanics of her pricy revolver
  • The name is a pun of the R8 Revolver from the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which a player could buy a revolver to replace the Desert Eagle that had a longer range than an AK-47 and had the damage of an AWP sniper rifle.  The revolver's damage was lowered to the SSG-08 sniper's damage and standard handgun's range after three days of its initial release