Usually chambered in 7.62x.54 RU, but this is where the professional's choice emerges

As Ren loves to watch conflict unfold while unseen, she usually watches the stupidity of mankind through the scope.  Unlike other snipers, she has more than just a signature rifle in command.  The third of her collection, and the only one that's not an AWM of sorts, Ren chose the Dragunov OTs-03 SVU for an assortment of reasons.  Semi-automatic, silent, and inconspicuous all in one rifle.  She already favors Russian firearms for assault, but this is a first for long range, sniper support.

Weapon Modifications

  • First thing's first: the weapon is not chambered in standard 7.62 x .54 Russian, it's chambered like an AWM or AWP in .388 Lapua.  Ren does like the design and handling of the rifle, but the .388 is more accurate in her eyes and it won't eat the barrel up like a RU 7.62 to a rifle or a RU SP-7 to a handgun.  Although the SVU fires a 7.62 x .54 RU astonishingly accurate, the .388 is her professional's choice
  • Unlike the stock OTs-03 integrated silencer, the Spetsnaz suppressor is in place of the stock silencer.  It offers better silencing abilities, less damage and range knockoff, and aids handling slightly better
  • Instead of the stock tritium iron sights or the PSO-1 x8 zoom scope, Ren puts on her usual, favorited Schmidt Bender x12 zoom scope for her comfortability
  • Just like her father's rifle, the scope has a variable zoom and ballistics CPU automatic spotter module.  Unlike her father's rifle, it has only 2 unique levels of zoom.  With one setting, it acts as a x4 zoom short dot scope.  With the other, it acts as a x12 zoom Schmidt Bender scope
  • A windowed 10rnd mag, 11 with O.I.C., fitted for .388 Lapua replaces the stock 7.62 x. 54mmR magazine.  Because of such, the backend dust cover and lower reciever are slightly longer
  • The bipod system of this SVU allows the folded bipod to act similar to a potato or angled foregrip and to slide forward to a practical SR bipod position.  The Bipod is telescopic and can be fastened to any particular length