Self Introduction: Ren Kimura, "The Anger"

Good evening to listeners in Japan and myself, and good morning to listeners in America.  I am Ren Kimura, but most thugs, other assassins, criminal organizations, news outlets, acquaintences, stealth artists, and believers of urban legends would know me as The Anger.  People seem to think I'm work for hire but I pursue upon my own interests for what intrigues me.  People also seem confused as to how exactly I earn money to pay for what I want, well, it's easy for me and I'll explain that as I go.  I've made many mistakes, but I can't go back.

I was born on November 23rd, 2061 in Tokyo, Japan to a kindhearted mother and an admirably astounding father.  I always looked up to him, he meant everything in terms of a hero to me.  I remember being told how surprised my parents were to know I was a father's kind of kid, and I always attracted the attention of others.  I imagine as a toddler it was the "oh you're such a cute little girl, you've got an adorable smile" kind of talk.  As I got into school, it was more like "you look lonely, I want to be your friend" bickering.  I didn't like it, I was a shy kid.  Every peer of mine wanted to know what Tokyo was like; my family and I moved to Yokohama shortly after I was born.  I never knew why.  I never gave anyone answers, and I never said anything to anyone.  If the teacher called on me, I always blushed and I could never bring myself to answer the question before someone interrupted me.  At first, my peers would shrug it off.  When we all started to grow up a little, my peers would say nasty things about me as an excuse to why I couldn't say anything.

My parents never liked that I couldn't speak up in class.  My mom tried to encourage me, and my dad would give me advice.  I remember him telling me, "The teacher is who you're talking to, and they won't judge you if you get the answer wrong.  Ignore all the other kids and their lies.  They don't know how great of a kid you really are."  I recall telling him that they won't stop bullying me, I never knew what came of that or what my dad did anyways.  Although things did get worse, but I always knew my dad could help if I was having trouble.

When I got into high school, yeah things did get worse.  These kids would get more agressive in their bullying, so I pleaded my dad to teach me how to fight.  After months of constant reasons I made up to get him to help me, I finally got him to do so with the "self defense" line.  Mostly I fought other students that picked on me, and I'd almost kill some of these kids.  I got suspended many times, and I almost got expelled from all the constant suspensions.  I barely graduated that high school, but it was rough to try to get into college.  I had to resort to studying abroad.

Before I could end up doing anything for school, I got into a big argument one morning about where my life was headed with my parents.  I went through the day worrying exactly what my life was going to, but I remember having this feeling I couldn't shake off that my life would be going downhill if I couldn't change.  You might argue it was my dad teaching me to fight that triggered all of this, but I always thought it was what happened next that triggered it all.  As night came by, I was about to take a turn for the worst.

I couldn't drive back then, and I've never had an official license to drive in my life despite my owning an Aventador currently.  So at the time, I was 19 to be exact, I used the highly established train system that Japan relies on.  I used the women only cars on the trains to avoid one of the infamously many sexual offenders that lurk around Japan, not that I care anymore about avoiding conflict.  As I was walking from the station to my home, some one of those sexual offenders caught me.  My first thought was to find some way to get myself out of his grip, but when I did I may have taken it a bit too far.  I still threw hits at him even after he was nowhere near able to chase after me.  Maybe it was shocking then, but now I'd say I just rid the world of one more useless piece of trash.  Same reason I never liked Jacob.

When I got home soon after, I was shaken up.  My mom was in distress, maybe because I looked like I had seen a ghost or maybe because she just learned my father was in a car accident.  At the instant I learned that, my fear went straight to hatred, and I never looked back.  I knew then and there that I needed to escape my old life, start anew.  I couldn't take the stress of living in Japan, and I didn't even live on my own yet.  In the moment, I devised a plan to start my new life.  I'll explain it, but you'd think I was lucky to have done it successfully.  I was going to fake a murder-suicide by hanging my mother and writing a suicide note, giving a tip to the police that I was going to jump off of a bridge.  As I made that up within five minutes of rash thinking, I pondered where I'd go and what I was going to do.  I didn't know, but I did know I'd need protection.  I knocked out my mother at dinner, hung her from our ceiling fan, and took the family katana with me.  It was priceless, made in the 17th century.  I had to take it with me, and I still have it.  I didn't know how to use any of them yet, but I took every firearm my father had in the house.  This included my grandfather's Vz .58, my father's AWM, and my father's primary and backup Mk23s.  I wrote the letter and ran away into the night, no looking back.

I had to live on the streets for only a few days before hearing about the ARK.  I heard about it from hearsay and rumors, eventually finding a way with a few others to seek its opportunity it had to offer.  When I went there, it was a bustling city on a manmade island in the Pacific Ocean.  Somewhere between Japan and America, but closer to Guam.  Months after my arrival, the wealth on the ARK began to shift rapidly from Socialist to modern Capitalism.  90% of the wealth now belonged to 5% of the population, and us usual people had to live in miles and miles length of shipping container slums.  Diseases ravaged, uncleanliness spiked, water was cut from us, and people were getting desperate.  These 5% were using the Security as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used their militaries.  A revolution was born under a man named Chen, and all those willing to fight joined him.  I was one of those.  As an added security bonus from the ARK's law enforcement, the Security, we were all given aliases.  Chen gave me the most memorable nickname: The Anger.

We had no squad, and all fought together with the strength we collectively had, so I had kept quiet like I usually did.  And yeah, people wanted to talk to me.  Although this time I knew they were on my side, so I would talk back.  I had met with three other people that frequented conversation: The Warrior, The Fortress, and The Firestarter.  We all had our own special abilities that enabled advantages in resistance combat.  Warrior said he used to be in the Army Rangers, so he knew the ins and outs of tactical combat.  He could also blow shit up.  The fortress was a combat engineer, he had sentry guns, trip mines, pyro claymores, and all sorts of tech goodness.  He knew how to keep his cool on the job while being shot at.  The Firestarter, despite his ostentatious name, was a combat medic.  He could give people these astoundingly potent and reviving syringes, you'd think it was a miracle.  Always did have a hopeful aura with him.  

What did I do?  I learned how to use that sniper of my father's and also became an expert hacker.  DOS is the funniest acronym to mention to me, because no one can deny me service.  Technologically or personally.  I also learned I was a natural born sharpshooter, I never missed a shot with my dad's rifle.  I like to think of it like he's aiding me in a righteous cause.  But when I had to be up front to be on the field hacking for my team, I used my grandfather's rifle.  In either situation I had not one, but both USPs I took with me.  I thought, "if people in the movies can dual wield, then why can't I" and said "fuck it".  Eventually, I built myself a body count of nearly four figures and a name for myself.  It's rumored that many Security officers took to our side just so they didn't have to fight me and realized the point of our cause.  I became the figurehead of the Resistance revolution, and we succeeded.  Nearly so great, that we had the chance to take the island over for ourselves and rebuilt it to a fair society.

After that, I thought I'd have to move on.  Well why?  I felt like I did my job, but my entire career was unfinished.  Also because I had been living on the ARK for 4 years.  I then decided to be flown to the one place that would have a limitless need of an assassin: America.  Like my life on the ARK, I had nothing on me but my weapons.  I did, however, get a new change of attire that I still wear to this day.  I flew and settled in nearly every frigid state America has to offer: Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to name a few.  I had many interesting tidbits to speak about from almost every state in the country, but the puny Minnesota had the number one for most impactful.

I had my fair share of fucking around with the police, and I always left them the same message.  The usual "be careful who you're hunting for" with the bleeding smile of my bandana mask.  The news didn't know what to call me at first, but took my sense of hard rock and metal music alone with the style of my watermarks and picked up on the fact that I seemed, well, angry.  I made it clear that anger was my name, and that's why the news also calls me The Anger.  One special detective of St. Paul made an adamant investigation on just some guy I sniped for a quick buck, but something about her clicked in my head when she somehow crossed my path on pure coincidence.  Something didn't seem right.  Maybe it was because I recognized her from high school, or maybe because there was some look in her eye that didn't look like "justice".  It looked like "corruption".

She was the one able to meet with me for a humane interview to the police, but not like one before you're arrested.  This detective had the nerve to ask for my phone number and take me on what you'd call a date just to interview me.  Yeah I only operated at night at that time, so walking out mid day with all my gear on and my weapons strapped all around my back must've scared some people.  Probably what scared people more is the voice changer I always wore in my mask, just speaking to this detective.  She wanted me to call her "Keisatsu", which is Japanese for "police".  We had coffee and pastries, like some sort of normal date, but I didn't order a thing.  She made the situation seem very normal, and admired my audacity to bring my weapons so alarmingly casual to a public building.  I told her it was what I was used to on the ARK.  From here, we had a genuine and peaceful interview.  I was angry through to entire thing, as I usually am to anything.  I could have been doing whatever I wanted in my apartment at that time.

Instead of going back to my apartment after to prepare for another hit, she took me back to hers.  Why?  Well I'm not sure, but I was prepared then if it was a trap.  You know what, it wasn't.  Instead she actually was interested in me and she pretty much fucked me.  Who'd think my first time would be with a woman, huh.  I didn't look like I felt much in return, but inside I was kinda happy.  She never turned me in, she never ratted me out, and she never let anyone know she was with me except that interview.  That's how I made it clear I was The Anger, through her.  We would visit once in a while, but I had no other thought in my head, but murder, back then.

For what seemed like too long in Minnesota, I wanted badly to tell Keisatsu that I had to move on.  She reluctantly agreed, but shortly before the police caught on to the both of us imminently.  We fought off a lot of cops unscathed, but during the second wave of snow-town's police, Keisatsu turns to me and says, "Look, even if you make it: I won't.  I'm sorry Ren, for all your trouble in school and for putting you in this situation".  Before I had the ability to say anything, she took her Glock 19 and shot herself in the head.  I didn't understand, she was fighting them off just fine and she up and committed suicide.  In an instant, I screamed "No!" and ran for it.  Again, never looking back.  Just like my dad, I missed out on the respected burial of a close person in my life.

I had nowhere in America I wanted to travel to anymore, so I left my apartment and what little I had to start over yet again back in Yokohama, but this time not a complete start over.  I was still The Anger, an assassin, but instead I did things for my own benefit and not to be paid to do someone's dirty work.  Around that time, I just turned 25 when I finally settled in a new apartment near the shore.  I didn't buy it, it was derelict and I had to fix it and maintain it myself.  I wondered what to do with my time, and then I had the Baader-Meinhof effect with one particular name: Aaron Maximus.

When I looked into Aaron Maximus, I found so many astounding feats of his accomplished past including, but not limited to, time travel, necromancy, immortality, and whatever a human plasmid was.  I looked into his plasmids, took a bit of travelling, hack and dash, and infiltration to find out myself.  Just by the sheer amounts of intrusion I had to commit, I started to self-teach myself the art of stealth.  I could rely amazingly on stealth, but also only my blade considering all my weapons are unsilenced.  A plasmid was a self-introduced genetic mutation to human DNA that allowed combat alterations that could be self-controlled telekinesis, fire, ice, electric, damage absorbing, and invisibility abilities.  I took it upon myself to collect every useful plasmid ever available, but that meant travelling to an underwater city called Rapture in the year 1960.  I had to get myself to many of Aaron's laboratories until I found one of two apt locations that held a time travelling platform he called the MDT.

As I already knew how to kill, and potently at that, I managed the horridly ravaged ruins of Rapture to collect all of the following plasmids: Winter's Blast, Telekinesis, Incinerate!, Electro-Bolt, Return to Sender, and Peeping Tom as they were called.  I found this insufficient, but soon enough I had an anonymous tip when I returned on who to call to access me to what I needed to make my own plasmids.  I encrypted my number, though in America private numbers can be established by typing *67, and did my kind of quick background check, and called the number.

A younger sounding man answered the phone, and the first thing I said to him was his name.  I told this "Nate" that if he has nothing better to do with his time, to meet me by many means possible at this peace garden a mile from my apartment that Japan set up after the second world war.  Of course I told him the name of the location as opposed to describing it, and he unexpectedly obliged.  I tracked his location for the next week, and he managed to find his way to me in four days.  The night I tracked him to Yokohama, I met him there at a close and respected time in my full attire.  He seemed very confused when he found out I was a woman, no wonder with that voice changer.  I told him of my intentions, and again he obliged.  I still have no idea why he was so willing to work with me, but back then I had my suspicions.

To the start of an auspicious partnership, he did help me earn the ability to have me make my own plasmids.  With that, I created four plasmids: Flashbang- self explanatory, Chemical Burn- an acid plasmid, and Time Spiral- to reverse time up to 30 minutes back.  The only thing he asked for the entire time I was with him, was if I wanted to fuck.  Yes, that's it.  At the time I thought I could trust him, so I actually said yes.  I slightly lament on those days simply because I actually thought he was good in bed.  I'm staying humble here, so there'll be no more about that.  Eventually, I found out he was with Aaron Maximus.  Now I know his relation and it doesn't matter to me, but back then I thought it was because he'd kill me.  So I killed him first, very un-stylish with the USPs.

I guess the guy was on close watch by Aaron, because next I saw him he was back home and alive.  The next few months were me perfecting my skills in stealth, sharpshooting, and with all the plasmids.  However in March while travelling America yet again, the warm states this time, I met two particular figures at a bar in Florida.  One was an odd sight of a suit and short shorts, and I learned she used to be in the Yakuza.  Her name was Aki Yamada, I found her always upbeat tone very inauspicious.  The other was a beat up wreck of a human being named Jacob, and just Jacob.  No last name.  The three of us had ended up forming what you'd call a cult, but I would abhor calling it a cult.  He wanted assistants, and I regret even joining in the first place.

Not even two months later, I caught wind of an organization hiring elite killers to clean up what I now know as ZEDs.  These nasty creatures were ravaging Europe, and they needed people to kill their dirty little secrets that were taking over.  I applied, knowing what little I had to do, and it gave me ten options for positions to work in: Support, Medic, Berserker, Commando, Demolitionist, Firebug, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, SWAT, and Martial Artist.  Knowing I could pick three of those, I chose the one I knew I would excel in: Sharpshooter.

I had to be flown out to France, to meet with the three people that were left from before the storm.  I knew them as Mr. Foster, Lt. Masterson, and DJ Scully.  I came to like Scully, he was charismatic just as he was clever.  I also just talked to him because it kept my mind off of being angry all the time.  He, of all people, actually tried to get Nate into our group too.  Nate yet again obliged, I swear he must have nothing to do with his life.  Before we could get him with us, our group fell apart and Scully and I had to abandon him.  I took Scully back to my place, where he used to live with me.  Scully moved back to England.  He already still does tours and continues DJ-ing.  Sometimes with Aki.  With Horzine, I was able to tour the entire British Isles and broken mainland Europe, and even the Moon.  Although, somehow the ZEDs could only crawl and die trying to cross East Europe.  Perhaps Russia is too great, perhaps it was The Zone.

On our way out of there though, we ran into Nate somewhere in Germany about a month later.  But some girl was with him, and she wasn't too happy.  She kept screaming how I killed her two best friends, and then I remembered attacking these two German guys a few hours prior.  Looking back to that, those may be the only two kills I actually might regret committing.  They weren't doing anything wrong, but I've been through the "if I don't kill them first, they'll kill me" thing before and regretted it with Nate.  Scully suggested we let them be and part ways with our pairs and out of my best interests, I did.  I threw at them surplus supplies and told them to get lost.

I guess Nate found his way out of France with Kari, because he joined and quickly left the stupid cult thing I mentioned earlier two months later, and then after that Aki and I quit too.  I guess Jacob wasn't too happy because he said he'd go after Nate, and then go after us.  He never did, Kari killed Jacob about five months later.  They ran off to what's now Aki's island, Mirai Kuni, and I just flew back to Yokohama like I usually would.  I never traveled the states again, but that doesn't mean I didn't go back.

By the time I was 26, I was just enjoying learning the art of stealth even further, but Scully was drafted to a US vs. RF war in Ukraine that was just absolute ridiculousness.  I followed without his knowledge as a splinter cell sharpshooter, and then the dumbest thing happened.  The ZEDs started barging in and both American and Russian troops just dropped what they were doing and pointed all weaponry at the ZEDs.  After that, the war ended and all the ZEDs were eradicated.  Soon after our return, the two of us were invited to a Christmas party Kari and Nate were hosting, which was a surprise because neither of them liked me.  Also the last I heard of her was June, Nate in August.  Turns out some wise guy who knew Aaron, Nate, and some lazy guy named Alex pops up claiming he's nobody and demands he talk to Aaron, Nate, and Alex again.  Though I'm not stupid, and figured out the Mr. Nobody was an old friend named Labs.  From eavesdropping, that's how.

There's not much to go on except that I went to Nate and Kari's once more to destroy a car Alex was driving, Aki's wish.  Aki apparently hated that car and what Alex was going to drive to in it.  That guy's only ambition, destroyed by a single well placed shot.  Then Aaron took some of us like Kari, Simon, Nate, myself, and himself to a meeting in regards to whatever.  Simon broke Nate's arm and gun and became a creepy superman, so that's something.  Simon then demanded I pray to The Ghost and give offerings every year on the day she was murdered and her birthday in hopes to control and quell her.  So far, it's been working, but now I'm going to have to explain The Ghost to you.

The Ghost, known only as Isha, haunts people for severe wrongs they have done.  Isha is Japanese for "doctor", and is a Japanese legend.  Isha was supposedly born twice, once only to die during the Black Death and once to be murdered as a schoolgirl in Japan.  Similar to Kuchisakeonna, Kappa, Aka Manto, and Teke-teke, Isha has strict rules to follow in ordinance and operation like any other Japanese urban legend.  In Isha's case, when someone has done a major wrongdoing in their life, Isha will approach the culprit when they've hit rock bottom.  She will speak to you, but she was stabbed in the throat so it's slow and raspy.  Even for a young woman.  She'll elusively ask you your own death preference, it's hard to explain.  In the sense, if you robbed a jewel store, she'll ask if you prefer silver or gold.  If you answer silver, she'll cut you with her rusty, broken machete.  If you answer gold, she'll pull out her M1927 or Luger P08.  She makes sure to make your death slow.  I fear she is the only one who can truly kill me, and she first appeared in inauspicious nightmares January of 2086.  She has yet to confront me, and it terrifies me.

That May, just after starting to quell Isha, I was given an odd new addition to have to ask help upon.  Directed to me again by an anonymous tip, although this time it was Aaron, that would help me in solving mysteries of Group 935.  For Aaron to have to tip me this, he must want me and this new girl to know what he's hiding.  In that case, why would he need to hide it?  Well, publicity reasons.  This girl was Irish, name of Leila.  She had everything about her that deemed similar to Aaron's condition: invulnerable to any death with the exception of suicide.  So as long as she didn't put her Galil AR to herself, she'd be 18 and in good health forever.  Turns out she was born directly from Group 935, and when we confronted Aaron he told us everything and proceeded to commit suicide.  He didn't succeed, because he's alive to this day.  Nowadays, I'm glad he's still alive as he is a good man after all.

I've started to maybe quell down on my eternal wrath and start to think "what have I been doing with my life".  Scully's gone and what else would I do.  Well a while ago, Aaron military trained me, Leila, and Hyun-Ae in order to confirm to Nate he had a CTU to help retrieve Kari from BOPE, who mistakenly took her.  Poor girl.  She quit the CT life after that, and now the three of us are standby CTs for renowned OP-115 commanded by Aaron himself.  For anonymity reasons, I destroyed Aaron's documentation of myself and left under clandestine nature. I had only heard about Hyun-Ae from Simon until I saw her talking to Kari at one of Kari and Nate's occasional parties and decided to talk to her after she was done conversing with Kari.  She's a bright girl, Korean, bit of a drunkard though.  Don't see how Simon loves her exactly, but Simon has, and always will be, confusing beyond fuckery itself.

Now I am alone, often travelling abroad distance, and sometimes time, with Nate, Aki's stud Ashton, and Nate's old friend Tyler. Recently, I have been studying the ideals and traditions of Zen Buddhism. This involved a lot of resilience and meditation. In the process, I have found that killing is not the answer and that use any means necessary to avoid causing someone's family dismay. I assume from my efforts in seeking Nirvana, I have found enlightenment. I think this because I found myself with the Japanese symbol for "spirit" or "god" burned into my left hand. I then noticed I have powers to stop time, teleport over short distances, and even have spiritual night vision that allows me to also see beings through walls. I may use my powers to an extreme frequency, but its really because of convenience.

After I went into Aki's funhouse, I wanted to travel the world.  I did so without holding a single weapon on me but the powers in my body.  Just to the beginning of my travels, I came to a dead halt in northern Ukraine.  I had encountered the Chernobyl Disaster Exclusion Zone.  Even though it happened 101 years ago, people still live there.  I had the chance tour it, even if I had to gather myself a new Slavic arsenal.  I took a liking to the Dragunov SVD and Browning HP this way, and something called a "Gauss Rifle".  Uncovering irradiated ruins, encountering swarms of mutated humans and animals, and uncovering the truth by entering the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant itself, I was able to do a lot of good by being the only one to finish off the "Monolith".  Turns out The Zone exists still, but the government doesn't realize that the only danger is the radiation inside the structures within, not in the outside areas anymore.  A bonus plus, the Elephant's Foot is safe enough to investigate somehow beyond all radioactive scientific logic.  If I can stand and stare at it from ten feet minimum distance, it should be safe.  If somehow I'm simply immune to radiation, then I suppose I'm the only lucky one because ten feet away still equals to imminent death.

Now that I have sought peace upon myself, I am not as angry as I've been known to be. I still feel the wrath inside of me, which is why there are things I do with Labs too. I've come to use Ashton as a mole and Tyler as maybe a friend. I'm sure this kind of peace, or at least solace, is what my dad and Keisatsu would have wanted for me. The only two people to ever live that I loved, but not the only two people I care about.