[SP] Q. If it's not too hard to ask, are SCP-085 and Cassandra the same?

A. They may share the same name, similar manifestation, and both derive from sketches, but they are different.  In fact, the entire reason I called her Cassandra was to commemorate Cassy.  Think of it as honor, and lucky.  Lucky 085 didn't take it the wrong way.

[KF] Q. After the encounter with Jacob and sustaining such injuries, how are you alive?

A. I don't know myself.  For a few days, I was told I may never be able to use my left hand again.  Turns out, that was wrong.  I was very lucky that Jacob turned out to be a very stupid man.  If I was him, I'd put matter over mind.  But I was myself, so I put mind over matter.

[AM] Q. What is your initial response to a growing threat of leaked information by "The Hacker"?

A.  I already know that if it weren't for the mortality of human beings, Ren would have hacked her way into my home already.  She's a damn expert at computers and I have no idea how.  To top it off, some dumbass in his basement is trying to expose information that would break the very structure of time and space itself.  I hold that information.  Nobody knows said info because I don't want anyone else to be as rotten and plagued as I've become.

[NH] Q. You're an "Act first, questions later" kind of guy.  If this is the case, as it is, then don't you think you've gone too far without asking anything of Kari?

A. Maybe, I don't know.  I don't think there's a lot of spooky or dark things about her.  If there was, I have a feeling she might have already asked me about them in a way.

[AY] Q. It may not have started now, but it's becoming noticable now.  What's your plan?

A. It's becoming noticable?  What are you talking about?  I must be being framed or something.  If it has to do with my friends or something, then there must be a misunderstanding.