[KF] Q. You are one of the youngest operatives on your team, how is this possible?

A. Well, ask that SAS guy.  He is the youngest on our team, and we both deal in hardware and electronics.  I find them, but he jams their signal.  Personally, I think the British really hate modern technology and prefer to go to the "red flag" area to get what they want.

[NH] Q. By all known circumstances, people might think it's weird that you are in a working relationship.  What do you think?

A. It works mainly because of Kari.  She just has some really odd way that she somehow understands everything in situations and whatever.  It's weird, but I'm just glad it all works out in the end.

[SP] Q. Is the SCP Foundation real?  If so, would you call them the good guys or the bad guys?

A. Yes, very real.  I do not like them because their methods are based upon distrust and superior ruthlessness.  This is because they fear for the lives of all humanity as if it were my sketchpad that would make us extinct.  In the end, they might be holding off the eradication of humanity...but they're only holding it off, not preventing it.  They're the bad guys.

[RK] Q. At the party, you seemed to have no hostility, what does this mean?

A. I've let my job as a sniper and assassin go to those who want to keep it a secret.  I'm not a figure of revolution anymore, and I've realized that.  No one else needs to die just because I want them to.  Even Nate.  Even Kari...and her two friends.

[IS] Q. You've been killing off ZEDs in unique locations for an entire year with no breaks.  From places to Swiss mansions, Egyptian pyramids, and even in Kevin Clamely's own penthouse.  Will you ever miss the action?

A. Well, yeah kinda.  It let me explore across the world and all I had to do was shoot these nasty things.  It was easy enough that casualties were uncommon...unless we had new guys.  The ones who were there since the beginning also made it out to the end.