[AM] Q. Why do you think Nate is made with you?

A. He's never not stubborn to answer me, but I think that he thinks I'm a sellout or attention whore.  Personally, that's a very pessimistic way of putting it.  I can see how he thinks that, but I just make videos and such because it's fun.  It's a great way to forget about everything and show people that you like having fun and sharing it to everyone.  However, you can also gain money from it and that kinda kills the fun.  I've made tons of mistakes I believe that doctor ghost thing is making me do, but anyone can say I'm making excuses or something.

[AY] Q. Do you like Aaron?  In the, "as a person" sense.

A. No, not really.  I get a bad feeling around him.  

That's all.

Go on to the next interview please.

[SP] Q. You don't seem to be worried that you have little involvement in the more serious current events, why aren't you?  In addition, why do you still have your AK-5 and J 941?

A. I don't think that those events really need my involvement to begin with.  If I'm not involved in whatever Aki and Nate have their heads stuck in, then that means my plan is working.  I believe that staying as a normal doctor and not putting myself back into criminal affairs is just fine.  If you're even allowed to ask two questions at once, I still have my rifle and handgun as collectables.  The handgun more for home security.

[KF] Q. Have you ever doubted Nate for any reason?

A.  For any reason, huh.  I hope he doesn't hear this, but I have.  Several times has he come home late and doesn't want to talk about it with me.  He seems to be easily troubled by seeing Aaron.  I think he might be ill or something.  I'd rather not get mad about it to him because if there's any trouble he's having, I'd like to help him with it.

[NH] Q. Do you ever miss the time where you and Aaron were still friends?  The time I believe was around the year 2025.

A.  You know that time was so long ago that I don't really give a shit.  But in all seriousness, yeah I sorta do.  It was nice when he wasn't a douche.  He can be a good guy, but I don't think he could now.  Time is messing with him real bad, but I suppose people might think the same of me.  The past is the past, you know?  Well, he doesn't know.