[NH] Q. How is it that you have met such a dangerous person and still forgive them for attempting to kill you?

A. She wasn't the really bad apple in the group, but I'm not sure that's the main reason why.  Besides that, I have no idea why I forgave her.  It turns out that because I did, I have some added bonuses of living out in California near her.

[KF] Q. How exactly did you two escape Europe?

A. For days the two of us drove in this dune buggy from west Germany until we reached Denmark.  From there, we searched for an escape boat that might get us out without breaking down.  When we did, we packed up and went straight for America.  That's also how I came up with going to Florida, a decision that I now know put Nate in danger.

[AY] Q. How did you and this partner you have come to be what you two are now?

A. I dunno, how is it that every question you have here is one that starts with "how"?  Even my question started with "how".