[RK] Q. Do you enjoy living in Japan, or would you rather live somewhere else? 

A. This is where I grew up, yes, but it is also where I am a criminal.  Because I say I dislike that one thing about Japan does not mean I don't like where I live.  It's a beautiful place.

[I] Q. Pictures only show you with a Tommy Gun or machete, are there any other weapons you use?

A. Yes, actually.  I have this silly Luger P-08 that's plated with platinum and lined with gold.  I don't know where I got it.  I don't remember where I got it.  It's cool, though.

[KF] Q. You're really young for your position, but you look like you're fine with it.  Are you?

A. Mentally, yes.  I have a lot of scars.  One on my shoulder here, one on my side here, and one on my arm here.  Most of the injuries I have are from ZEDs actually.  Escaping with Nate.

[AM] Q. This has to be the most commonly asked question for you here: what is it like living almost a century at 30 years old?

A. Well, the first thing that's notable is: I haven't ever felt old.  I don't know what that feels like to begin with, but I imagine it's a weak and fatigued kinda feeling.  I've also seen a lot, and knowing that people do sometimes live a century, I don't think I've outlived anyone yet.  I'll have to wait and see what that's like.

[AY] Q. So far as you've lived to be a psychopath, would your friends describe you the same way?

A. Maybe one of them, yes.  He'd know me well.  A psychopath can disguise themselves in a crowd easily, and I describe it my own way.  I like to think of two cups filled with...uh...marbles, I believe they're called.  One represents good and the other is evil.  If you have more marbles in the good cup, then you have done a lot of good things.  If you want to do something evil, then you need a lot of marbles in your good cup.  If you run out of marbles in your good cup, then you are too evil.  You are too good if you run out of marbles in the evil cup.  Too much of either is a bad thing.  I find a balance of both in order to remain well.

[SP] Q. What other SCPs have you come in contact with while at this laboratory?

A. I couldn't say in one sitting, I've seen so many.  My personal favorites...hmm...339, 457, 1499, 085...oh, 902 is pretty neat.  270 might be the best.  I find 066 very amusing.