Mustang and Sally

Aaron always had these handguns half tucked away, for the dying moments

Some people just don't stay buried.

If there were three things Aaron never lets go despite change, disregarding his collection of Wunder Weapons, its his history with Nate, his previous lovers, and Mustang and Sally.  Everytime he was on the brink of death, he had Mustang and Sally.  Every time he and Nate did anything involving Vietnam or 935, he had Mustang and Sally.  And even when he took Ultra and Violet into military service, he had Mustang and Sally.  Yes the tried and true, its a literal blast from the past that can't be let go.  For his sake, Aaron doesn't really like goodbyes and letting go.

A Brief History

Originally the all rounder's handgun in not only both world wars, but in Korea and Vietnam too.  This handgun was in every major internationally renowned war except the Gulf War and wars of the 21st century, because beurocratic highest bidding took over the stopping power of the .45 All Colt Pistol round.  Aaron doesn't let go, so he always tucked these two somewhere close for him to rely on.  Especially within Vietnam, Aaron used these handguns as his reliable sidearm until conflict started in 2025 where he then used the FN Five-SeveN by force.  Although he's seen more with Ultra and Violet, he's never ever given up on Mustang and Sally.  Within the realm of Group 935, Mustang and Sally take on a different persona.  Almost a different type of akimbo all together.  Instead of fast action, high stopping power dual .45s, they become enchanted with extremely high explosives.  Nothing like a RPG or 40mm grenade, but almost a beam of light that explodes with extreme velocity that decimates all nearby undead.  Ultra and Violet don't do that, all they get is some dinky bullet damage upgrade.  Take that for the professional's choice.