UZI mk148

Similar in style, different in looks, even more different than this now

Compared to the original SMG that Aki owns, this is a direct upgrade and a "supersize" to any SMG she has.  What is very interesting about this SMG is that it is a Micro UZI, but it looks more like an actual UZI.  Despite this, it acts exactly like a Mirco UZI.  This is because it is, according to Simon.  Since the initial creation of the awkward UZI, many things have changed compared to the current picture.  Despite this, Aki prefers her original SMG and only uses this for the tougher opponents because of its properties and upgrades.  This SMG has the power to compare to a slightly smaller FN P90.  Why it isn't exactly like one is because you can't drive-by with a P90.

Weapon Modifications

  • Most painfully, the SMG currently fits a specially modified armor piercing 9mm round.  It's special enough that (if the magazine was wide enough) it could chamber 5.7x.28 rounds, which fit the FN P90 and the FN Five SeveN
  • A bulky combined flashlight and laser module has fit right above the trigger guard to provide support for hard to see areas.  The laser is colored a bright blue and the flashlight is a similar color
  • The suppressor, "Futomaki", means "something rolled thickly together", is able to be screwed on and off the custom barrel Simon installed.  It can be unscrewed and replaced with a "Fire Breather" compensator like one on the AK-5
  • The stock can be folded to an outward position, instead of it being stuck in place.  This helps with the 1245 rounds per minute recoil
  • About the recoil, the 1200 rounds per minute has been raised to 1245 rounds per minute.  The reason being that it wasn't raised any more is because "the mechanics of the weapon couldn't handle too much more"
  • Unless you've read the SCP's page, you may not know that the effect SCP-148 has on other SCPs is that it dampens and suppresses memetic, mental, and physical effects of another SCP.  Because it lines the SMG, it renders the user such protective qualities.  It is even on the folding stock.  Aki mentions that it is slightly heavier and prefers to use it for absolute combat and shooting on the run rather than while driving