Very powerful as it is heavy

A might of American and Belgian firearms engineering, the M249 SAW is a mighty light machine gun. Despite this, a noticeable amount of troops still prefer the M60. However, Mr. Nobody is one that does prefer the M249.  Used mainly for breaching and clearing an area instead of mounting for long range accuracy, this M249 has a lot of homemade additions to it rather than profession installations.  Although heavy, they insist that this is the optimum weapon for its large magazine size and remarkable fire rate of 750-1000 rounds per minute.  The bipod might be there when its time comes, but that might not be anytime soon.

Weapon Modifications

  • The box magazine size has been increased from a 250-round box to a 300-round box
  • The bipod on the front of the barrel folds together and back instead of frontward
  • To cover scrapes and give the LMG a Hollywood-movie or FPS video game feel, gauze and grip tape have been added all over the weapon
  • A holographic sight has been added to the top tactical rail on the upper reciever
  • A solid US marines stock has replaced the odd telescopic stock
  • A grip to handle the weapon easier when not ready to fire has been installed to the right side of the reciever
  • An compensator to mimic the muzzle of an AK-47 has been added to the LMG
  • It is known that SAW stands for "Squad Auto Weapon", but in this instance, SA LMG stands for "Self Auto Light Maching Gun"