Isha's personal Thomspon, not even near stock anyore

Of the two personal weapons Isha holds on her, this is the firearm she took in 1986.  The original name refers to it as the "M1927", which she corrected it to her own.  Calling it the "M1987", she had modified the weapon to be swift and stable.

Weapon Modifications

  • An adjustable marksman stock is changed to that of an M16, however more skeletal compared to the original M16A1.  This is used for a mix of stability and recoil control
  • The magazine is slightly bigger, fitting 54 .45 ACP rounds rather than just 50
  • A very old "red dot" sight has been added to a welded tactical rail for easy aiming
  • A muzzle compensator has been added to increase bullet velocity, virtually improving fire rate
  • Nothing on the weapon is wooden, making the weapon slightly heavier, which helps with recoil control
  • The barrel is slightly longer for accuracy over range
  • A special vent is added over the receiver end of the barrel for air cooling, but it leaves the start of the barrel exposed like an M4A1
  • The foregrip of the weapon is grabbed like a chain link instead of a vertical or angled grip. Why it is special like this is unknown
  • Two hooks, one on the left and right, are attached to the bolt on top to make reloading the weapon "dry" much easier and making the process faster