Liberty and Justice

Jacob loved the Pledge of Allegiance, but not the religious aspect

Jacob's prefered handguns, the American classic. These are almost identical in looks, except the pattern of the grip tape, and the magazine "Left" and "Right" markings.  The two are powerhouse handguns with the heavy .45 ACP rounds and slight heavy recoil.  To extend their use, both weapons have been modified the exact same way in every aspect.  The left handgun is called Justice, and right is Liberty

Weapon Modifications

  • The handguns have extended magazines both by 12 rounds, making the magazine size to 21
  • Both handguns have a heavy compensator and extended barrel, the barrel extends the slide evidently.  The compensator certainly makes the handguns look more professional, as they also act as a muzzle brake
  • The magazines on each handgun are marked "Left" and "Right" to indicate which handgun each magazine went to