Wearing a hockey mask, with the 50 blessings logo

Jodie, in lack of greater words, was obsessive of mass murder and Jacob .  To say she is in memoriam, would be false.  Though they seemed to work together very well, Jacob came to be delusional and paranoid, claimed to be haunted by shadows chasing him from around corners and just out of his peripheral vision.  To this, he thought Jodie must have been one of them, and killed her out of distrust.

Basic Information

Jodie was like Jacob, conservative household in Miami, Florida.  The exception being, she grew up with a very pleasent household to which she kept her views to herself and did not take action (in such a harsh way).  She met him at a bar where she was with some friends, whom all but her had planned on underage drinking, and she only 19.  Looking bored and away from her friends, Jacob offered her a choice to join him, to which she nervously accepted.  After being in the experience for too long, Jodie became manically amused by killing mass amounts of American Dream-destroying Russians and also became manically aroused by Jacob.  He thought one day, Jodie might feel too much of both, and come to kill him just after going insane.  Not one who ususally says "anything's only good in moderation", Jacob approached the distressed teen and put a stop to the suspicions once and for all.