Jacob was constantly told by his father that America was the greatest country on Earth, and was to be protected by their list of groups deemed enemies of the USA.  These include d the average Communists, Terrorists, and etc.  Jacob took this very seriously, but was unable to live up to anything except to what he is now.

Basic Information

Jacob was born at an unknown date, due to no one knowing his actual age.  Although, it is known he is in this 30's and was born in Miami, Florida.  Living through his rough school days, picking on kids and harassing his teachers.  He made it through school, and elisted for the Army as soon as he was given the opportunity.  After only being in the Army for one tour, he was discharged on his request that "the Army wasn't satisfactory".  Soon after, Jacob lost connection with his family after his father died of a heart attack.  To this, he promised to make America it's finest in his honor.  Disappointed in himself, he went into alcoholism and became more aggressive, but refusing to attempt drugs and narcotics.  After years of his miserable struggle, he got a call on his cell phone offering "pure excitement for the well being of America" and gladly accepted the offer.  Armed with two handguns and a mask of a bald eagle he recieved in a package, he set off to his amusement to clear out a gang operation of Russians in the slums.  From that day on, he recieved more calls to which he responded in the most blunt force he desired all these years.  Though corrupted by the thrill of mass-murdering Russian gangsters, he led himself to commit other heinous crimes by stealing from nearby stores and raping innocent women he found attractive.  After a few more years of delving into criminal infamy, he found out of the 50 Blessings operations and the famous "Jacket" who had led the movement so long ago.  In honor of Jacket, and memoriam of his father, Jacob splits his way through the "enemies of the USA" leaving behind a bloody and horrid trail of terror to Russians and citizens of Miami alike.


  • Jacob prefers to work alone, but had agreed with Aki and The Anger to occasionally collaberate on bigger "projects" they decide on
  • Jacob had one follower who joined him and went by "Jodie", and she dressed like he did.  Jodie eventually became corrupt to the point that Jacob lost trust in her fidelity, and became almost schizophrenic with paranoia.  Jacob killed Jodie, who he admits having some feelings for her, but very little
  • Being the bald eagle was not his decision, but Jacob soon admired it and modified it with a voice changer to conceal his real tone of voice, which very few people actually know how his real voice sounds
  • Jacob, during his senior year in college, broke ties with a girl he had been friends with since freshman year of high school for reasons he has trouble explaining.  Often times he uses her as an excuse for befriending Jodie as he does for drinking.
  • Jacob's grandfather voted for Donald Trump in 2016
  • Does he inspire you?  Does he set an example of an American Hero?  Call this number for more information!

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