Hungry Wolf

Heavy and custom made, a versatile and powerful piece of tech that would induce fear in anyone being targeted

Powerful, heavy, terrifying.  You could use this to describe Hungry Wolf.  This LMG is a collaberative project between Simon and Wolf.  Even though the original machine gun is used by WolfSimon managed to recreate his own exact replica with their blueprints.  It can be mounted just as it can be held like a rifle.  Simon, jokefully, even copied the shopping list that Wolf wrote on the box magazines to make the version he has even more exact.  To say that the elite have high tech like this would be completley false, as it is a private weapon.

Weapon Modifications

  • The barrel has a solution coolant tank surrounding it instead of being exposed to the open air.  As this is a higher risk of disfunction when the barrel overheats, the solution effectively keeps the barrel relatively cool and in very good condition
  • The stock is a solid, anodized/camo aluminum stock instead of a heavy steel stock.  This may make recoil slightly harder to handle, but it makes the weapon lighter.  The stock is also easier to hold in an aiming position
  • A bipod has been added to the bottom of the front of the lower reciever to make mounting the weapon to solid surfaces an reliable option