Blury, but still a very detailed Desert Eagle

The world-renowned Desert Eagle .50 cal handgun.  In countries that aren't America, this handgun is referred to as the "Hand Cannon".  In America, it is foolishly called the "Deagle" or "Deag".  Scully chose this as a backup instead of the medic pistol because there is usually a medic on the team.  It does enough damage to break a skull in pieces and shatter organs with one round.  A truely devastating handgun, which is exactly why it is overkill to use as a standard issue anywhere.  Team Rainbow does not set foot onto .50 cal handguns and .50 BMG snipers in any way.  Usually because the situations involved do not involve anti-personnel hostiles.  Against ZEDs, however, it can be considered a perfect handgun to rid the world of nasties.  Everyone on the Horzine team can agree its effectiveness in...well, I bet you can guess exactly what.

Weapon Modifications

  • There are no modifications, this is a pure, standard, stock Desert Eagle
  • This handgun is a duplicate of a master copy, and can be purchased by Scully at any trader station across Europe