Though a classic rifle, the use of it to such a modern person presents the irony in her past

The origins for this rifle are terrifyingly unknown and how it got to Leila is beyond anyone's knowledge.  Some ties supposedly lead to Aaron and some lead to Nate.  How exactly this is speculated is because its manufacturing date is 1975, although the real origin of this rifle is actually more simple than that.  It certainly deals with the time lapse of Group 935 and both Leila and Aaron being involved, but she did have it before meeting anyone.  Nothing more than that is known to anyone excpet her, and she oddly only tells people in what ways she didn't get the rifle just to make people more curious.

Weapon Modifications

  • A modern Saker 556 suppressor was screwed onto the barrel, giving the rifle its classic feel that Aaron recognizes
  • A modern day Vortex milspec reflex sight was added on a mounted rail, looking similar to a Vietnam-era reflex sight
  • The the magazine count is halved by taping the magazines tightly together, increasing every other reload's speed.  Although considered highly impractical, this gives the rifle its classic and rugged feel it had when it was manufactured
  • Quite obviously and conspicuously, the rifle has a tiger pattern styled skin overlayed onto it while the grip and foregrip/foreguard are blacked out.  This completes the classic Vietnam look for the rifle, although used more after the Vietnam War (lol it ended when this was made, duh).  It also has an Irish flag on the scope, for added patriotism