Small and easy to conceal, quite useful

This compact and notorious blade has been seen throughout video games, movies, and now in Nate's possesion.  Also used by the Firebug in the Horzine Special-Ops, the Karambit is a famous and deadly blade made to be held forwards and backwards.  This Karambit is a specific model that Nate himself preferred over the classic blade.  This blade is for the dexterous and deceptive.  A blade designed to give an actual cut above, and designed to fit perfectly and flat in any pocket (given you don't mind it poking you).  More practical than a butterfly knife, this knife is an expert's choice for the truly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.  This reason is why Nate has this in his hands...or maybe he hid it somewhere on him?  Really, who knows?

Weapon Modifications

  • To flip out easier, the switch to eject the blade has been installed to where the thumb's placement is
  • Concealment over style, the blade and the grip are entirely black
  • A rubber grip where the fingers fit into place has been added over the default, ergonomic grip
  • Above all, only those with actual skill can handle this knife correctly.  So with that, it's only used by Nate