287 [✌✡] [😐☞] [💧🏱] [☠☟] and [👌☼]

[AY]: What did you invite me over for?

[NH]: I didn't invite you.

[AY]: This is your number, no?

[NH]: I didn't send that.  Kari?

[KF]: Yes?

[NH]: Did you send this on my phone?

[KF]: You know I know you don't like me doing that with your phone.

[NH]: I suppose, yes.

[KF]: I didn't do it, Nate.

[Br]: s'up.

[NH]: How did you get in my house?

[Br]: gee, i don't know.

[NH]: Did you send the text?

[Br]: that?  no.  why?

[NH]: Bullshit.

[Br]: i didn't, really!

[NH]: I don't trust you.

[AY]: Nate?

[NH]: Yes, what?

[AY]: I really don't think he did it.  He went out of his way just to shrug.

[KF]: He is that level of lazy.  His jokes are pretty witty, though.

[NH]: His jokes are ear cancer.

[Br]: only from the best!

[Br] winks to [NH]

[NH]: Whatever.

[AY]: May I come in now?

[Br]: yes, let her in.

[NH]: Yeah, come on in.

[AY]: To the point, I got a text from your number asking that I come over to talk.

[NH]: About what?

[AY]: It didn't say what.

[KF]: You're here now.

[AY]: I could leave, I don't care.

[KF]: No, stay.  Let me get you some tea, or perhaps a glass of water?

[AY]: If you have what it takes to make it, let me show you a tea I thought up of.

[NH]: So, Alex.

[Br]: yeah?

[NH]: How did you get in exactly?

[Br]: how do i get anywhere, exactly?

[NH]: Sometimes you just appear there.

[Br]: well, me and ashton have been sharing stories with an interested individual recently.

[NH]: It's, "Ashton and I" but whatever.  Who exactly?

[Br]: it's best you don't ask that question.  they scare the crap outta me.

[NH]: Well no one "scares the crap outta me", so tell me.

[KF]: I scare the crap outta you!

[NH]: Whatever.

[AY]: Really?

[NH]: Whatever!

[Br]: hey, you know some dudes who can hack, right?

[NH]: I can also.

[AY]: So can I.  Ren especially.

[NH]: I've changed my number many times just to make her give up.

[KF]: Has she?

[NH]: I've stopped having my personal info changed, so I think so.

[AY]: You're overthinking it.

[Br]: chill, bro.  i think someone just used your phone.

[NH]: Who?

[Br]: well, who knows?

[NH]: Tell me!

[Br]: well, um.

[AY]: Wait, there's one person who's the shadiest I know.

[NH]: Tell me!

[AY]: He lives in Russia now, and I haven't seen him since December.

[NH]: Then Alex, you tell me!  You're Spetsnaz!

[Br]: kid's got the same guess as i do.

[NH]: Tell me!  Now!

[AY]: He wants to be alone in Russia, where no one can go to him.

[Br]: he sounds different than when we first met him.  that's the last time we saw him, too.

[KF]: Enough with this spooky stuff at night.  What's there to gain?  Other than messing with Nate.

[NH]: It's not funny.

[Br]: yeah, it's not.  this guy is seriously messed up.  it's not like he's going to kill us, but he's way too in to bringing these science dudes down.

[AY]: What's the word, but he only types in code and some awkward font.

[Br]: the "awkward font" is more of a joke, you know, prank'd.  the code is because he thinks he's being spied on or whatever.

[KF]: Don't you type in an "awkward font"?

[Br]: no.  why would you say that?

[AY]: It makes me mad because even in this font, I can't understand him.

[Br]: kid, chill.  it's called "wingdings".

[NH]: Shit, did somebody join our role play as W.D. Gaster?

[AY]: Yeah, they did.

[NH]: Who?

[💧🏱]: ✋❄ ❄⚐⚐😐 💧⚐💣☜⚐☠☜ ✌💧 💧💣✌☼❄ ✌💧 ✡⚐🕆 ❄⚐ ☞✋☠👎 ⚐🕆❄ 💧🕆👍☟ ✌ 👎☜👌✌👍☹☜📬

[NH]: What the fuck.

[SP]: It's been very cold in Russia.

[Br]: s'up bro.

[SP]: Likewise, bonehead.

[AY]: Yeah, that's him.  Lazy as always.

[Br]: you could say, a lazybones.

[Br] does a "two-drum, hi-hat" motion and winks at [SP]

[SP]: Now, everyone.

[KF]: What have you been doing?

[AY]: Was it you who texted me?

[NH]: What are you doing in my house?  How did you get here.

[SP]: That was unfair, you got two questions as opposed to one.  Now, everyone.  Allow yourselves to remain quiet for more than a moment to provide me time to explain.