Decorated and sharp, a real knife indeed

Used throughout the years in service, in ZED-torn Europe, and in Team Rainbow, Kari favors this knife as a best choice weapon (if in the absense of firearms).  With only a few adjustments away from style, this knife has a history worth explaining rather than a statistical examination.  It's cut-style blade name comes from its intense sharpness.  To create a cut in the skin, a bit of pressure added to skin contact is all it takes to create a minor wound.  The intention of this knife was to cut things as fast as possible and for this to be a weapon quick enough to cut and enemy or leave them to bleed out.  A very macabre and gruesome intent combined with real impatience and tactical advantage leaves only one word left to use to describe such a knife: savage.

Weapon Modifications

  • The back side of the blade is serated to an almost invisible level to increase its effectiveness at cutting material such as rope, cloth, papers, and even across wood
  • The tip of the blade can be jammed into glass to shatter it, a need of such an ability can be a glass door or a car window.  The tip could also be used in a lethal backstab quite effectively
  • The front side of the blade is what can be used to cut actual targets.  This could cut skin through light armor, masks, plastics, and potentially even masks
  • To add to her patriotism, Kari put a German flag on her grip