Ctrl + Soln

When it comes to which goes to which hand, Ren doesn't care. They're either or

One stolen by her grandfather and the other by her father, Ren took these both and used them akimbo.  Many different modifications have been added to both handguns to a point where they do not look like the original USP .45s.  A point similar to how different her car is from how it looked originally.  From the magazine to the slide, the weapon has been heavily modified.  A good metaphor she uses to describe her choice is comparing iron to steel, taking something weak and giving it a new life as something stronger.

Weapon Modifications

  • The slides are a steel and titanium alloy, why exactly is unknown.
  • Somehow, the entire slide can be pulled back with a special engraved edge in the front of the slide. Using this edge, the user than "hook" it onto the back tritium sight of the other handgun and pull the slide back to chamber a round. Scully is the only other person to know how to do this.