Cassandra (1)

As seen before her demise

Though originally an illusion to Simon, Cassandra had become corporeally real after the discovery of the sentient sketchpad.  This turned out to be because she was a doppleganger of the like to him.  The SCP Foundation found her as an imminent threat to security measures and could influence Simon to enforce his own actions confidently, although her arrival was as mysterious as her existance.

Basic Information

Simon had used the idea of SCP-085's "Cassandra" and his own look to forge a sketch of what he might've looked like as the opposite sex.  The sentient sketchpad had the smug idea of manipulating this to his vision, so he may visualize this person.  This advancement proved far too effective, eventually turning Cassandra into a real entity that was almost an actual human being.  The obvious reason why she really was not a person is that she was not born like a normal person.  Despite this, she still had a corporal and tangible existance.  She also shared the same mindset as he did, and could converse with Simon easily whenever either requested to.  As this was happening, the SCP Foundation found Cassandra's existance detrimental to Site 19.  In the ongoing conflict of killing her, Simon aggresively refuted all attempts against her.  The Foundation found that the best way to "kill" Cassandra was to burn the page Simon first drew her on.  They did so, which did result in "killing" her.  In return, Simon grew more aggresive and the sentient sketchpad grew furious.