Styled like Cyrex, Nate prefers this more for sport (Isha in the corner, lol)

Though the rifle model itself has a closely-bonded history with Nate, this current rifle was only used within the last year.  Though Aaron swapped his M4A1 for a TAR-21 long before the towel was thrown in, neither of them described the M4A1 as a bad rifle.  This current M4A1 is used in the Op. GTP and RVI: Siege operations by Nate.  Although it looks very conspicuous, the rifle itself is fit to every standard it has actually surpassed.  The original rifle Nate used as an M4 Carbine, but this was soon switched out for the current M4A1.  The M4 was a Colt model to be lighter and smaller than the M16, which ironically neither Nate nor Aaron prefer to use.

Weapon Modifications

  • First and foremost, there has been a weapon skin/camo added to mimic one called Cyrex, but this is more simplified and is made for a different type of M4.  The left side of the reciever only has the bolt catch red
  • A windowed 34-round magazine has been swapped for the original 30-round magazine
  • A standard high-visibility red dot sight to replace the iron sights for easier aiming
  • Contrary to style, a vertical foregrip has been added to the bottom rail of the vented hand guard
  • A heavy, weighted stock has replaced the default Colt family stock
  • Recommended by Nate his team, a rifle suppressor was installed over the muzzle for an easier transition from gunfights to commando stealth and the like