"It's not about honor, valor, or even glory. It's about what it does to help those around you that holds weight in my actions." - Ashton, to Grace N.

As Alex's brother, Ashton is supposedly the more intelligent "better half" yet still more combat-trained person in their duo.  He who had a close relation to Aki is also that who wants to be in the USAF again.  Still a very reliable person, Ashton is more of someone to want to give and let mercy.  However, most cases, it doesn't go as planned.

Basic Information

Ashton thought that he could do good by turning in Aki, but then remembered he too was a criminal.  For a long time (about 4 months), Aki and Ashton had a committed relationship.  At first, he didn't like her and got in a serious argument shortly before it turning into a fight.  In the fight, she kept flirting with him.  After the fight he offered to go on a date with her, given that they were unscathed.  Alex was a bit jealous, but Ashton kept putting up his argument a little stronger and smarter than Alex ever could.  Though they might have had a good time together, they had been just friends for some time. Over time, the two got into a serious relationship and essentially do nothing on their own.  Like Alex, Ashton also has his own theme and it too has been heavily remixed by their friends.  For a while, Ashton and Alex did crime together until they had to do 4-person heists.  When Aki and Nate came along, their plan could go forth. A lot has changed since then, and now Ashton focuses on more important matters in life involving his belief in Christ and the supernatural. He spends a lot of his time with Tyler, Kari, and Ren if of course not Aki first. Ashton does the world a service by offering his abilities to those who need it most on an international scale. By partnering with the three most trusted individuals and those individuals only, he accomplishes just that. Most notably, with Ren. Though if she were to go alone, Tyler can now bother her as a duo. The four of them get along and Ashton is at peace with that. As a very honorable and respectable veteran of the United States Air Force, he will never feel as if his job is done.

With a new age and everyone around him moving on their own paths, Ashton proposed to Aki and get married. Despite what interests Aki has on others, she often if not always pulls Ashton into it as well. With the changing tides Ashton has revealed to many, notably Aki, Ren, and Kari of his situation regarding why he left the Air Force.




  • Civil pilot and fighter pilot expertise (advanced level)
  • Close quarters firearm and melee weapon specialist (intermediate level)
  • LMG-based support gunner expertise (advanced level)


  • Fighter pilot and general aviation in stressful and casual scenarios
  • Machine gun and high caliber, laborious infantry work
  • Operation of heavy/armored vehicles


  • United States Air Force based aviation training in civil and combat flight
  • Participated in The Realm of 935
  • Light Machine Gun and High-Capacity AR weapons training
  • Ground Zero for ZED outbreak involvement
  • Special Vehicle operator's training
  • Heavy Vehicle operator's training


  • "It takes crazy to know crazy, that should explain how Aki and I get along."