Usually hidden, but deals a massive punch

Not much is known of the owner of this revolver, but he chose a great handgun to conceal with him.  The revolver itself is made heavy and made tough.  With its hexagonal cylinder and heavy metal frame, it stands out over all other .357 revolvers.  Though many other Significant Characters have admitted using this revolver, nobody knows if any one of them are actually Mr. Nobody.  This specific revolver is incredibly different than a stock Mateba 2006m.  It has been rumored to have an effective range of a battle rifle and accuracy relative to a battle rifle too.  While the name for this specific revolver is unknown, most Significant Characters call it the Dominator because it proves more powerful than any other revolver known to them.

Weapon Modifications

  • The classic wooden grip was replaced by a matte grey polymer grip to increase its concealment with a darker color
  • A weight has installed to the front of the barrel to balance the weight to make recoil easier to handle
  • The original frame color was a "gun metal grey", but was stained black to make it harder to detect.  This isn't completely effective due to its metallic shine.  The original idea was to plate it in anodized titanium to make the frame look a dark blue.  The cylinder was left at the "gun metal grey" color to avoid tampering with the weapon's amazing mechanics
  • "The thought, furthermore the idea, that a joke of a Harlequin uses my revolver, to hand to Deadshot: despite the fact C4 cannot be detonated by anything besides a blasting cap, I feel partially ashamed to share revolver interests to this girl"