Bow m148

Not what anyone would expect, but it seems to work out

This is a relatively new idea brought to the table.  First brought up as a secret hobby, Nate was asked by Simon to pick his preferred weapon so it could be lined with Telekill Alloy to use while in Site 19.  This would be his response.  Originally a hunter's compund bow, this bow is already a deadly weapon in Nate's hands.  However, what differs this from any other compound bow he's used is that this one is stronger and more versatile.  If aimed correctly, this could be used well enough to replace a battle rifle.  Easy to pull, easy to release and easy to load.  The arrows used with this bow are also lined in Telekill Alloy, but slightly different.  Everything about this bow is abnormal to any other that could be found, used, or even created despite that it was essentially recreated.

Weapon Modifications

  • The arrows used with this bow are similar, but surprisingly different.  They are still made with aluminum and plastic, but the aluminum body is painted with white paint mixed with Telekill Alloy
  • The compound bow sights are tritium sights, similar to that on a handgun's iron sights (so long as it's European)
  • The tip of the arrows are slightly serrated and carved similar to a handgun's barrel to make its range and impact noticably better
  • The wires used in the bow are not elastic chord, but rather some odd and even more elastic mystery wire that Simon claims it makes the bow more comfortable to use while pulling the wire back to prepare a shot.  This has been proven so and it does not tire your arms as much while holding a shot and the wire is also easier to pull back