The incident of coincidence

786 [NH] [KF] [RK] and [IS]

[KF]: Do you see that up there?

[NH]: See what?

[KF]: Look, the only open window in that entire building.

[NH]: That doesn't look good.

[IS] and [RK] speak from a distance, and bold text indicates the person yelling, to which [KF] and [NH] can actually hear them, otherwise they couldn't hear

[RK]: Damn, they saw us through.

[IS]: Told you it looked out-of-place.

[RK]: Nate knows me, but I don't know that other girl.

[NH]: It might be a sniper.

[KF]: Do you think we should try to ask who they are?

[NH]: Don't peek, are you kidding?

shot fired

[NH]: That was close.

[KF]: No it wasn't!  Look, what if I just put my helmet up and see if they actually believe it's me peeking?

[NH]: Fine.

helmet raised, shot fired

[NH]: There's only one person I know who can shoot that well.

[KF]: You don't think...

[RK]: Nate who the hell is that?

[NH]: I don't think, I know.  None of your business.

[RK]: Yeah it is, I need to know who you replaced me with.

[IS]: Is that necessary?

[RK]: Yes, it's not asking much.

[KF]: So that's her.

[NH]: Yeah, just- don't let her get to you, ok?  She's called Anger for a reason.

[KF]: Right, ok.

[RK]: You done chatting, I'm not asking much.  Oh, also, did the ghost doctor find you yet?

[NH]: I said it's none of your business.

[RK]: See, being stubborn gets you nowhere!

[NH]: We're just passing through.

[RK]: God, this guy.  Fine, I'll ask her, who are you?

[KF]: No one you bitch!

[RK]: What'd I do?  God damn it. Do you really want to make this harder on yourself?

[NH]: Don't listen, she's just trying to get to you.

[KF]: Just let us pass through, that's all we want.

[RK]: Did the ghost doctor get you too?  Dammit.

[IS]: Wait, I recognize her.

[RK]: Wait- what?  You do?

[IS]: Yeah, she went to the big concert the year before.  I recognize her voice.  She, not to sound trite, really was my biggest fan.  Not the fanatical sense, but the dedicated sense.  I don't remember her name though.  Hey!  Fancy seeing you again, yeah?

[KF]: Wait, is that Scully?

[NH]: Typical, so neither of them really did leave yet.  He's the reason I'm even here.

[KF]: Scully?  Wow, yeah, it really is a surprise!

[IS]: I realize how weird this is, yes, but if you don't listen to her, listen to me, yeah?

[KF]: Well, I suppose so.  What is it you need with me?

[IS]: Don't head south, it's not going to work.  Halfway in between here and wherever it needs to be to go to the Mediterranian is a whole force of leftover roadblocks and ZED-infested areas.  So, just don't do it.  We can give you some surplus stuff we have from Horzine to help!

[KF]: Alright, like what?

[RK]: IR Nightvision and lots of ammo.

Several Horzine ammo crates are thrown out of the window

[NH]: Uhh, thanks.  I guess we'll be going then!

[RK]: Please!

[KF]: That wasn't so bad, now was it?

[NH]: Keep that dent as a trophy.

[KF]: Where am I to get another helmet NOW?

[NH]: At least their loot works.

[KF]: How can ammo NOT work?

[NH]: Whatever.