Just like a normal AK5, but with a devastating and awesome twist

Just like how Simon created a railgun for Ren, he took the time to offer himself one.  The rifle was made with the parts of a Bofors AK5 and was successfully changed into an incendiary and irradiating railgun.  Despite its awesome effects, Hyun-Ae was the first to fire it.  A relatively amazing and unthinkable invention just as it is extremely dangerous and lethal.  Being on the other end of the barrel of the AK-5PR would grant a death wish.

AK-5PR vs Stock Bofors Automatkarbin 5 (AK5)

  • Unlike a normal and deafening gunshot, the AK-5PR fires rounds at a similar volume to a classroom or office conversation (60 dB) to reduce deafness from repeated exposure to explosions and gunshots.  This was the quietest the rifle could be made, and with great utility as it is an automatic rifle with a fire rate of 650 rounds per minute.
  • Just before the compensator on the end of the barrel is a Dual Rail Wave Merge in the foregrip, like the railgun sniper.  The magazine is a battery, which two beams are made from it and charged in the weapon.  These two beams travel down the barrel and are recombined at this compensator to combine its power and velocity to match that of a 5.56x.45 NATO.  All of this happens in less than a second, after the trigger is pulled.
  • The muzzle compensator is a High Velocity Gamma Wave Agitator.  This excites the beam of the rifle and turns the beam incendiary.  When the beam hits a target, it acts like an incendiary NATO round.  The only exception is that if the target has not been killed by the single beam, the target will become irradiated.
  • This rifle is technologically a railgun, but it works differently: the beam does extend until it comes in contact with other solid or liquid matter, making wind speed and bullet drop obsolete, but the beam does only the damage of a 5.56x.45 NATO round and can actually be seen in the visible light spectrum.
  • This rifle reloads and handles exactly like a stock AK5, reloading and handling but with one exception.  The weapon is slightly, but noticeably, heavier than a stock AK5.