Stylish by choice, deadly within range

This shotgun is very well known to a gun-nut as the #1 shotgun of choice, despite this, it is very heavy and recoil control is difficult.  The reason why Scully even bothers with this shotgun is because of the stopping power into ZEDs and how quick it is to destroy anything.  Although being careful on ammo, ammo still seems to run out within a minute of a wave start.  After looking at the bland, default blue/grey look of a normal AA-12, Scully took to be the only member on the team to customize the look of his weaponry.  This is useless and slightly pricy, but he doesn't care.  When you could have all the dosh in the world, why bother being stingy when you have an easy way to make more anyways?

Weapon Modifications

  • Obvious and conspicuous, a custom, artistic skin has been applied to the exterior of the shotgun.  To the operative's knowledge, this skin has been called "Flesh Pounder".  There are similar designs for the M9 handgun (Bloated) and FN SCAR (Clot Commando)
  • A rubber grip was applied to the shotgun to make recoil control easier and more effective
  • This shotgun is a duplicate of a master copy, and can be purchased by Scully at any trader station across Europe