A SCP 50

Heavy, semi-automatic, .50 Cal that was also made by those who did the AWM

A versatile and under-appreciated rifle by most people's standards, the AI AS50 is a powerful semi-automatic .50 BMG chambered sniper rifle.  The only other characters to possibly recognize its existence before Hyun-Ae was introduced were Aaron and Nate.  Afterwards, everyone seemed to know what this rifle is.  Although she isn't an avid marksman, Hyun-Ae was intrigued by the excellent mix between high cailber and not having to move her hand off the trigger after each round was fired.

Weapon Modifications

  • Most notably, some parts of the gun are anodized fuschia and some are tinted a light blue.  This is a reoccuring theme for Hyun-Ae and her weaponry
  • The scope is a high powered, 20x zoom.  The only other person to have such a modification is Ren
  • The grip has been replaced by a rubber ergonomic grip