Powerful as is small, Israel has impressed us again!

An obsolete handgun by American standards, it was by essential research alone that Simon found one of these interestingly hard-to-obtain pistols.  Originally called the Jericho 941, Simon calls it the "941-J" like a Joke SCP (i.e. SCP-173-J) by abbreviating "Jericho" as "J" at the end of the name.  The weapon itself is surprisingly well-off in comparison to handguns like it, such as the P226 or Desert Eagle.  Before this discovery was made, Simon used a variety of weapons the other Significant Characters use.  Weapons like the M1927, which Isha uses, or the P226, which Kari uses.

Weapon Modifications

  • Although it can be chambered in 9x19 parabellum, this handgun is chambered in .40 special: the compromise between 9mm and a .45 ACP.  Surprisingly, this handgun exerts more power than an average .45 ACP M1911 in how much damage it does, odd isn't it?
  • A dual-trigger safety system was added to go along with the switch safety the handgun originally has for a "just in case" scenario
  • Another odd bit about this handgun is that the stock magazine size for a .40 special Jericho 941 is 12 rounds, but this one has 16 in a magazine
  • A threaded barrel has been added over the current barrel for additional accuracy with compensators and brakes (although none are put on anyways)
  • The sights have been swapped for self-illuminating tritium sights.  Contrary to the green eye color Simon has, the tritium sights glow a yellow-orange
  • Engraved on the side where it says "Jericho 941: Made in Israel", it is instead engraved with "Si vis pacem, then move along"