417 redo

Stuck in between 2 pictures, but still a great 417 sketch

The one-two shot to kill assault-turned-battle Hk HK417 rifle used by Frosty to mix between automatic, close range firefights to semi-automatic, long range sharpshooting by changing the sight zoom and select fire rate.  Despite it's urban, city use, it has been given a green tint to later match the use it has in a plant-overgrown urban ruins.

Weapon Modifications

  • The weapon has been silenced for covert operations, used to conceal the awareness of a firefight for the time desired
  • An infrared laser has been added to the top rail to aid hipfiring while using night vision
  • A vertical foregrip has been added to the bottom rail to aid stability and recoil management, this said foregrip also has a built-in flashlight to see in darker areas
  • The magazines fitted for 20 7.62 NATO rounds have a slit to see the relative magazine size remaining while in use
  • A homemade magpul system has been applied to all personal magazines to the weapon using a coil of olive green duct tape
  • The blocky, holographic sight has a 3x zoom scope that can be flipped to the right in case of different combat orientation