An old shotgun with a new twist, roughly forged from an AK-47 long ago

An old Russian shotgun with new endeavours, the Saiga 12G was turned into the buckshot equivalent of a target-inflicted laser.  The barrel swivel design and hard set muzzle brake allow this shotgun to make perfect hole impacts in anything buckshot can puncture.  The list could include, but won't limit to just, wooden surfaces, aluminum surfaces, earthen substances, and even people (not an entire circular hole, but a hole shape of many puncturing shot pellets).

Weapon Modifications

  • Instead of a usual skeletal stock, the auto shotgun has an SR-22 styled high recoil control stock. It's an automatic shotgun, it could use something of the like
  • Typically equipped with a 12-shell stick magazine, this shotgun sports a 20-shell 12G 000 Buck drum magazine. Also, as said, using 000 Buck as opposed to 00 Buck for more power
  • The barrel of the shotgun at one end has a M500 Cruiser style breaker muzzle brake. Obviously, for even more power
  • Equipped on it is an ironically Russian Valdai PG-210 holographic sight. Fitting, but only for the weapon