Merry Christmas 2015!

1286 [AM] [NH] [KF] [AY] [Bu] [Br] [SP] [RK] [IS] and [MN]

[AY]: You still think this is a bad idea?

[NH]: Maybe, I'm not sure.

[Br]: Look, nothing's going to happen.  Let's just celebrate!

[AY]: Yeah, what he said!

[Bu]: Merry Christmas, Aki.

[AY]: Thanks, I got you something actually!

[Br]: You didn't give me anything.

[AY]: Well, I couldn't think what to give you besides a "knuckle sandwich".

[NH]: Wow, rest in pieces man.

[Bu]: Thanks, you really didn't have to give me anything though.

[AY]: Oh, then I'll just take it for myself!

[AM]: Merry Christmas, y'all!

[NH]: You really shouldn't have come.  You fucking nig nog.

[AY]: That was a disappointing insult, Foxy.

[AM]: What did you have in mind, then?  Come on.  Impress me.

[AY]: Merry friggin' Christmas, from Scully.

[IS]: What are you talking about, I never said tha- ooh, I get it.

[AM]: Clever, really.

[IS]: Man, it's felt like years since I've seen a ZED.

[AY]: What do you think of Japan?   I'd like to hear what you think.

[IS]: It's really nice there, I love it.  Very beautiful, but it rains a lot where we live.

[RK]: I don't mind the rain so much, you complain too much!

[IS]: No I don't!  Whatever...

[Bu]: I'm a bit surprised you're still making music, people must've thought you were dead.

[IS]: Not to sound pessimistic, but most of those people who'd think that are dead.  Except for Americans and Asians really.

[AY]: Simon, glad you could make it!

[SP]: Indeed so, though next time let me ride with you instead of in a rental.

[AY]: Sorry, call if you need anything on that next time.

[SP]: I was just talking to Nate and he told me that you own one of the fastest cars in the world.  300 miles per hour sounds incredibly excessive.

[AY]: I actually have it set in metric, so it's 483 kilometers per hour.

[SP]: Right, because Americans use the imperial system.

[Br]: People really need to learn how to use the metric system.

[SP]: I should start to as well.

[IS]: Where'd you fly in from...Mr...

[SP]: Dr. Peterson, but you can call me Simon.

[IS]: Friends call me Scully, nice to meet you Simon.

[SP]: As am I to meet you.  I flew in from Chicago, to answer your question.

[AY]: Where's that?  I only really know California and Florida.

[SP]: Near to be the middle of America, in a state called Illinois.

[Br]: I've been there, Chicago is a nice city.

[SP]: Indeed it is, sir.

[Br]: Who are you?  I don't think I've seen you around here.

[SP]: I'm Aki's friend, and I don't have much family to visit, so I came out here.  She invited me.  My actual title is Dr. Peterson, but you can call me Simon.

[Br]: Nice too meet you, Simon.  I'm Alex.

[Bu]: My name's Ashton, nice to meet you.

[IS]: Man, is this a meet-n-greet Simon day?  Wow!

[RK]: I guess it is, huh.

[SP]: Ren, nice seeing you again.

[RK]: Likewise.

[AM]: People meeting people over here?  Sorry, I was chatting with Nate.

[NH]: If that's what you want to call it, go ahead.

[KF]: Ok, everything should be ready!  I was just doing last-minute preparation stuff.

[NH]: These...most of these people are our friends, it's not like you're making a presentation to your boss for work.

[KF]: I know, but I just wanted it to look good.

[NH]: Well, it does.  Doesn't it?

[Bu]: Yes, very good job.

[Br]: It looks nice, I like it.

[AY]: You did good, Kari.

[SP]: Really nice indeed, nice place you two got here too.

[IS]: I would never afford something like this.

[AY]: You should see my place, I have a mansion up in the hills down there, you can see it from he-

[IS]: Okay okay, I get it.  You guys are rich people.

[SP]: Why didn't we have this party at your place, then?

[NH]: She said the view was nicer up here.

[KF]: That's pretty nice, it really is though.

[AM]: Makes me want to change my view from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

[SP]: When you say it like that, you might as well stay wherever you are.

[AM]: Colorado, you can see the Rockies in the distance.  Not in the horizon, it's not that far.

[SP]: Sounds really nice, wow you people are richer than J.P. Morgan out here.

[KF]: It beats still living out in Europe right now.

[IS]: I second that notion.

[RK]: Enough on that, shall we eat?

[Bu]: Only if it's-

[AY]: Shut up.

[AM]: It's not like he was going to say Whataburger.

[AY]: He was, though.

[AM]: Oh...damn it, now I want Whataburger.

[KF]: No burgers now, though we should all just go out and order that one day...

[NH]: Uhh...the food, people?

[KF]: Oh, yes of course!  Everyone find somewhere to sit.

[NH]: (aside to [AY]) Hey Aki.

[AY]: Mmm?

[NH]: How did you and Simon meet?

[AY]: Long story.  To make short, Bain.

[NH]: Oh, ok...I don't know who that is.

[AY]: Whatever.

[Br]: Man I'm hungry!

[Bu]: Probably because you never make anything for yourself at home.

[Br]: So?  I do sometimes.

[Bu]: No, you reheat my spahgetti.

[AY]: Kids...shut up.

[Br]: This smells nice, how long did this take?

[KF]: 5 hours...I just occasionally went back to it after watching stuff on Netflix.

[SP]: What an interesting way to cook a turkey, but isn't it Christmas?

[KF]: I just assumed turkey was good for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

[SP]: However you assumed that, you'd be correct.

[IS]: I don't care much that it has to be the correct bird, I just like if it's made well.  Right here, it definetally looks good.

about 45-60 minutes pass at dinner

[AY]: You haven't said much tonight, at a loss for words?

[RK]: I'm not sure, I suppose I am.

[AY]: I can imagine, you've been through a lot more than I have.

[RK]: What do you suppose Jacob is doing right now?

[AY]: You could ask the same about the doctor ghost.

[RK]: Yeah, but Jacob is a live person.  I'm willing to assume he's drunk with his handguns out, wearing a santa hat or the like.

[AY]: I bet.  Lonely old guy.

[RK]: Hey Scully, Nate!

[IS]: Yeah?

[NH]: What?

[RK]: Do you, "Fox", mind if Scully here sets the mood?

[NH]: That depends, what kind of mood are you going to set?

[IS]: I imagine your windows might break if we turned it up too loud.  That kind of mood.

[NH]: Yeah, got anything by Pixl on there?

[IS]: I was imagining something by Tristam, first.

[NH]: Be my guest, I'm sure Kari would like it.

[KF]: I would love it.

[IS]: I have one question first, to ask your friend here, Nate.

[NH]: Who, her?

[IS]: Yes, hey excuse me!

[AY]: Oh, me?

[IS]: Yeah, I have a question.

[AY]: Ok, ask.

[IS]: You arrived last, only later was Simon, right?

[AY]: Yeah...why?

[IS]: I saw this big ol' Stryker looking thing drive close by when you came in on your bike.  When Simon arrived, I checked and it was gone.  Did you happen to see it too?

[AY]: I did...I now that you mention it, I think I might know who it is...

[NH]: What's up, you two?

[AY]: I'd watch out, I think our mystery person has arrived.

[NH]: You don't mean...

[IS]: Not to alarm anyone, but do you hear footsteps?

[MN] kicks the from door open, holding M249

[MN]: If anyone moves, I'm painting the floor red with you!

[AY]: What the hell?

[NH]: And who the fuck are you?

[MN]: Stay where you are, don't reach for anything!

[KF]: He has a light machine gun, we should probably just do what he says.

[Bu]: Yeah, well I do too at home.

[AM]: And what makes you think we'll do what you say?

[MN]: You, Alex, and Nate are to come with me.

[RK]: What is this about?

[IS]: You know, I called it.

[SP]: No need boasting...

[AM]: Why are we go to with you?

[MN]: It is critical that you do.

[NH]: No.

[MN]: You were always stubborn.

[Br]: Wait, what are you going to do?

[MN]: There is a secret worth sharing.

[Br]: I like secrets.

[AM]: One condition, though.

[MN]: No deals, ok?

[AM]: No one here is to be hurt, nor should they have reason to believe they need to come after us.  I have a feeling I know what this is about.

[MN]: Sure, fine.

[AM] [Br] and [NH] go with [MN] to hallway outside penthouse

[AM]: You didn't have to kick down the door.

[MN]: Scare tactics, man.  I didn't want people to shoot me on sight.

[NH]: It worked...whatever made you think that was a good idea.

[Br]: This isn't about those messages, is it?

[MN]: You shouldn't have had the party.

[NH]: I was convinced otherwise.

[MN]: That might want to keep her on close tabs.

[NH]: Not too close, she wants to sleep with me!

[MN]: I know.

[Br]: What?  And not me?  I'm clearly the better option.

[MN]: Get a grip on yourself, man.

[AM]: So what's this about?  We shouldn't have had a party?

[MN]: He's coming for you.  She's always watching.  They're not happy about your gains.

[AM]: What?

[NH]: I hope "she" isn't the doctor ghost.

[MN]: Each applies to each one of you.

[AM]: Who's coming for me?

[MN]: All I know is that he's angry and he's vicious.

[NH]: Hmm...

[Br]: Someone's not happy about my gains?

[NH]: You're not trying to turn us against each other, are you?

[MN]: Who knows...

[AM] [NH] and [Br] return

[IS]: What happened?

[AY]: Yeah, tell us!

[AM]: I have to leave now, sorry to be abrupt.

[Br]: I suggest everyone watches their backs from now on.

[NH]: Aki, the ghost might have plans for me.

[RK]: Good, she can leave me alone.

[AY]: That's shallow...

[SP]: Ghost?  You musn't be talking about Isha, would you?

[NH]: I would, doctor.

[SP]: Quite a legend, that one.

[RK]: She's no joke, I swear.

[NH]: Also, doctor, I think you and Aki might make a good couple.

[Bu]: Hey!  What the hell?

[NH]: Sorry, Ashton.

[SP]: Is this true?

[NH]: She does talk about you a lot.

[AY]: Maybe...

[SP]: That's beside the point here, Nate.

[AY]: Yeah!  The ghost, do you think she might arrive on the 10th?

[NH]: Who knows...but I still you two should go on a date or something.

[AY]: Can you stop?

[IS]: Don't mean to get involved, but be rational man.

[KF]: What's wrong, Nate?  Why so persistant?

[MN]: Get a grip on yourself.  She's always watching.