It may look hard to hold on to, but the magazines can have different styles

Odd by nature, the 1216 shotgun is a perfect room-clearer for any situation.  Given that you could change the shotgun shell type for each of the magazine's cylander slots.  Maybe try 00 buck for one, bean bag shots for another, or slugs for the next.  The possibilities are endless, and this is exactly what Mr. Nobody thought.  The shotgun has proven a more tactical room-clearer than the light machine gun does for them.  The design is compact as it is silly in anyone's opinion, but Mr. Nobody had thought the former when deciding to use this shotgun for the close range encounters they might have while uncovering the truth of the Significant Characters.

Weapon Modifications

  • A red dot sights has been added to the topmost tactical rail on the reciever for easier aiming
  • An ergonomic grip cover has been added over the normal grip to make strafing and aiming more comfortable
  • A sharp-edged muzzle brake has been added over the current bland muzzle
  • The edge of the stock that comes in contact with the user's shoulder has been given a rubber stock to give it a more snug fit
  • The magazine size, as the name infers, is 16 shells (4 per rotation), but each magazine differs in look for this particular shotgun
  • Grip tape has been put on the rotation lever used to rotate the mazagine to help the user confirm they have a solid grip while it is used