1086 [AY] and [Bu]

[AY]: Hey!

[Bu]: What's up?

[AY]: Can I come pick you up?

[Bu]: I can make my way there myself, it's fine-

[AY]: Nonono!  I was on my way to clear some irritant people, and you're place is on the way.  I can come in the car, so neither of us feel uncomfortable in my usual bike.

[Bu]: Fine, alright.  Say, are you free Tuesday night?  Oh, that is quite the car alright.

[AY]:  I know, right?  But I bet you'd want to dress fancy or some shit for that Tuesday, right?  short laugh

[Bu]: Yeah, I'm not taking you out in that.

[AY]: I know, I'd look like a criminal, heh.

[Bu]: You are a criminal.  Plus, you might be getting hard to listen to in that mask.

[AY]: Get in the fucking car.

[Bu]: Who are we going to kill anyways?

[AY]: No questions, okay?  Just help kill them if you want.  It's personal.

[Bu]: Does it involve your parents?

[AY]: I will throw you out of the car.

[Bu]: I'm sorry, just, sorry.

[AY]: You still want me to be free Tuesday?

[Bu]: Of course.  Isn't 110 mph too fast?

[AY]: I'm still not used to the Imperial system, but to me, I plan on going near 200 kph.

[Bu]: I trust you as a driver-

[AY]: And I trust you as a pilot.

[Bu]: Touche.